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This site is concerned with the very strange coincidences contained within Dan Brown's best-selling novel  The Da Vinci Code.

Just as Morgan Robertson's novel Futility of 1898 connected strangely with the loss of the real RMS Titanic in 1912, so the fictional The Da Vinci Code has myriad cross-connections to real Codes in the real world, The Alpha and Omega Codes and our real story of Mary Magdalen. Elements of Brown's novel appear to be quite definitely inspired. There are an uncanny number of cross-connections, some basic, others very minor, but weaving together into a curiously intricate web which is strongly suggestive of 'external' design.

The central theme of The Da Vinci Code is the search for the Holy Grail which is equated with the body of Mary Magdalen and documents proving her journey to the south of France and the existence of a 'Royal blood line'. One key element of the real Codes is also the true story of Mary Magdalen. But here the stories diverge. The da Vinci Code derives the story, by inference, from a combination of books and a desire to promote a feminist agenda. What is more The da Vinci Code postulates only the survival of her bones..... The real Codes serve to confirm the posthumous autobiography of the woman herself –  via the still surviving real spirit of Mary Magdalen.

But both books agree on one point - that the Christian churches have developed false doctrines. The Da Vinci Code promotes a feminist theology and the cult of the Goddess. It seeks to promote Mary Magdalen as the embodiment of the Goddess. The real Codes, The Alpha and Omega Codes, cross-link to Mary’s true Gospel, Mary Daughter of Elohim.  That book tells the real story of Christ, a real man, not divine in any shape or form  and clarifies his real purpose.

For Christ’s real purpose was to turn men back to God. Instead, men turned him into God, a false god who promised salvation and died for their sins. Priests created the concept of the Holy Trinity, which has no biblical foundation but it is a false doctrine which has survived for twenty centuries. And here one of Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code clues is very relevant .  So dark the con of man....... indeed.....

The web of inter-connected coincidences between the codes and travels of the recent Da Vinci Code are mirrored in our own Codes and travels over nearly 20 years. The main difference is that the real Codes are infinitely more complex and relate always to the here and now.

What has The Da Vinci Code to say about the Sumatra Tidal Wave, the Gulf War, or the Lockerbie plane crash, or the American nuclear power station disaster to come? Absolutely nothing.

In stark contrast, The Alpha and Omega Codes have much to say. The Da Vinci Code has a happy, if vague ending. But The Alpha and Omega Codes suggest that the real ending will not appeal to Hollywood. 10.08.22.

As mentioned earlier, The Da Vinci Code is to The Alpha and Omega Codes what Futility was to the Titanic. Futility was a novel written in 1898 by Morgan Robertson, with curiously prophetic elements which strongly mirrored the disaster which was to come in 1912. The ship was called the Titan. It sank in the north Atlantic after hitting an iceberg. It was going too fast. It had as few lifeboats as the law allowed – just like the Titanic – an early example of the operation of market forces on the greatest of the works of men.

Of course, the Skeptics dismiss the parallels. They were just luck.  The choice of the name was 'almost inevitable' claimed one skeptic. But in reality the Skeptics clutch at straws. They have no explanation other than ‘chance’ – for that is their false god. In reality, they have no explanation at all. What else can they fall back on? There is nothing in their sad, materialist world but chance. What did Macbeth say? "If Chance would have me king, then Chance may crown me." – or should that be "Chance will judge me." 11.45.03.

There is one major difference though.  Dan Brown wrote his novel after our experiences with the spirit of Mary Magdalen in 1986 and after our experiences in Paris in 1986 and 1990 had already taken place.  Brown was just caused to weave them into his novel... Was he just another actor in a greater play?  Are we indeed Actors on a Stage.  This theme is explored further at the very end of the text on this site, from Alpha to Omega.

So, if you came to this site to find out the truth about The Da Vinci Code, read on at The Sentinel of Eternity

For much more detail about our research , you can read about the genesis of
The Alpha and Omega Codes and more about our other research at Light Eternal Publishing

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