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We were offered the
557 ‘Lockerbie’ estate car on 2nd December 1988, ( See The Lockerbie Disaster Prophecy Code to understand this reference) but  my initial enquiry about a new car that led to this car being offered to us was some two weeks earlier, around 16th November.  Midway between my enquiry and the car arriving came what turned out to be another very significant event, our first direct link between our work and the Apocalypse, the End of the World.

On 24th November, we had driven from our home near Kelso in the Scottish borders down to Carlisle. It  was, we thought, just another step in a seemingly endless and fruitless chase to get justice in the British courts. But it turned out to be rather more.  The employment/divorce/custody battles, both for Jenny and myself were never ending, complicated by lies told by my ex-wife, solicitors who happily connived at bending the law, others either of doubtful competence, too busy, or not really interested……. 

Nor had the judges impressed us with their sharp minds or unbiased approach.  They responded more to the toadying of solicitors.  That afternoon found a new solicitor in Carlisle.  We had to go South into England to find another solicitor because we lived in Scotland and both of our divorces and my employment action were proceeding through the English courts.  The legal systems of Scotland and England are totally separate.  At this particular time, it was Jenny’s divorce action that we were trying to progress.  This solicitor was to prove to be just more of the same.  Legal Aid cases get low priority but provide a safe income for solicitors.  The next solicitor  in Kingston-upon-Thames, yet to come, turned out to be even worse. 

The reality of man’s so-called justice system was forcefully brought home to both of us in the years right up to our departure for New Zealand in 1994.  There was never any time between 1985 and 1994 that we were not involved in legal actions – employment termination, divorce, custody, property, the negligence actions against a solicitor, incompetence and bias by judge.  We were left with nothing but contempt for the British legal system and its obscenely overpaid practitioners. 

So, it is perhaps very relevant that the purpose of our trip to Carlisle was to attempt to find a new solicitor –in our vain attempt to find justice.  For what we found was more important.  It was a film, albeit fictional, about God’s Justice – God’s final Justice for a corrupt and unheeding man.  The film was called The Seventh Sign.

After finding the new solicitor, we were optimistic.  It was not for some years yet that we were come to realise that doctors and lawyers both have exactly the same approach.  It is best described by the term ‘gradual disclosure’.  It is in your best interests, i.e. theirs, if you only discover gradually what the truth really is, how hopeless your case, how high the odds really are against you – that is if the lawyers/doctors are even sufficiently competent to really know.  They offer encouragement, false optimism. But what does the truth matter?  All that really matters is the process – for therein lies the income.  So, stacks of false optimism at the start – that’s how you get clients.  Slow progress – that’s how you keep them.  Make it complicated – lots of technical jargon – keep up the mystique – and the power. 

So, with renewed, but in the end, misplaced optimism, we made our way into the town centre for a cup of coffee.  A few doors up from the solicitor’s offices, we came upon a cinema showing The Seventh Sign.  It was a film I had been 'told' we had to see. We are not regular cinema-goers. I can count on one hand the number of films I have seen in the cinema since 1984. This would have been the first.

It had been some time in early in November 1988, I saw on Barry Norman's Film Review 1988 a review of the film  The Seventh Sign. Barry Norman was not impressed, but the words came into my mind that the film was important and I had to see it. Now as I looked at the advertising poster the words had come back to me.

We checked the performance times.  It turned out to be the last night
the film would be shown.  One screening was soon to start and there was one final screening we could attend, a couple of hours later.

As we felt in need of some refreshment we opted for the final screening . Heading up towards the town centre, we found a place for coffee in nearby Lowther Street.  It was a restaurant called called Krakatoa.  Now it seems a singularly appropriate place, given what was to come in December 2004, with the Sumatra Tidal Wave, with its strong links to The Seventh Sign. 

So it would have been about 8pm, wondering why the film was important, that we returned to the cinema.The significance of the film became very quickly apparent to us, as we watched the story unfold. We were astonished that the film should revolve around coincidence and the code number 229 that was already important in our Egyptian work. That code related already to the Justice of God and here it was being used as the pivotal element about God’s final justice.  Yes, it is purely a work of fiction, based loosely on biblical passages – from Joel and from Revelation and a theme from the Zohar but there were strong elements of inspiration in the film – elements which tied in to our own experiences up to that time, but which have been reinforced again and again in so many experiences since. 

For although fiction, it would appear to have been inspired by the same Source of Intelligence which was orchestrating, at that very time, the Lockerbie codes with their real time fulfilment – the Sentinel of Eternity – the Judge of all the Earth. 

10.26 am 20/2/05

It had  been only eight month's earlier that we had linked the number 229 to Egypt , the death of Lord Carnarvon, and the Justice of Ra.  Akhenaten’s name for God was Aten Ra.  Now we were seeing a film where 229 was being linked to the End of the World and the Last Judgement, as described in Revelation, the last book of the Bible. Was this coincidence of numbers meant to indicate that the God of the Bible and Akhenaten's God were one and the same? The coincidence in The Seventh Sign is based on the verse Joel 2.29 in the Old Testament and the birth of a baby to the character, Abby, played by Demi Moore.


These are the relevant verses from the Old Testament book of the prophet Joel

2.27 And ye shall know that I am in the midst of Israel, and that I am the LORD your God, and none else : and my people shall never be ashamed.

2.28 And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh : and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions :

2.29 And also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will I pour out my spirit.

2.30 And I will shew wonders in the heavens and in the earth, blood and fire, and pillars of smoke.

2.31 The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moor into blood, before the great and terrible day of the LORD come.

2.32 And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the LORD shall be delivered : for in mount Zion and in Jerusalem shall be deliverance, as the LORD hath said, and in the remnant whom the LORD shall call.

The film is concerned with the Second Coming of Christ and is character in the film opens the Seven Seals. In the Book of Revelation, it is the Seven Angels who open the Seven Seals.

The film is interesting and well-conceived, although it did badly at the box office. Perhaps it was too intellectual, like Enigma - no  bombs, no scenes of mayhem or destruction, no spoof patriotism and no sex scenes either. What on earth were the producers thinking of? How could it possibly succeed without these vital ingredients of any modern successful  Hollywood film. It did not pander to the lowest tastes. It deserved to fail. It  is rarely mentioned in reviews of Demi Moore’s career.

She happed to be pregnant at the time with her first child which is perhaps one of the main reasons why she got the part. It is perhaps suggested in  film that she is  a reincarnation of Mary Magdalen. Unfortunately, at the end, the film deteriorates into a standard Hollywood ‘happy ending’ . I suppose it had to do that to have even a smidge of hope at the box office. So, Abby dies to save the world ‘because she has so much love’. God supposedly gives man another chance.

But there are many elements in the film which relate to the real world, the times in which we live. Just as although Morgan Robertson’s novel Futility had many elements of the Titanic disaster, it wasn’t an exact description of what was to come. In like manner, The Seventh Sign has many elements of what is to come. The script writers were inspired. How did they come to choose the number 229? It turns out to be a key number in the Enigma Codes of Destiny, for it appears to be the key code for the End of the World.

Several events were to occur linking 229 into the physical world of space and time in the next few years. The first was less than two hours after we left the cinema whilst looking up the biblical references in the study in our Scottish Borders farmhouse. The End of the World is also referred to as The Great Day of His Wrath in Revelation 6.17. This particular verse Revelation 6.17 is

For the great day of his wrath is come and who shall be able to stand?

It just happens to be on page 229 of the Scottish King James version of the Bible. We lived in Scotland at the time. The usual English editions of the King James Bible, published by Oxford U.P. and Cambridge University Press   have a totally different pagination. This particular Collins Scottish edition of the Bible also linked specifically to King Edward VIII, but I was not to discover this until, by 'chance' in  March 1995 I found a copy of a very rare Bible in an Auckland charity shop. The interconnections in the Alpha and Omega Codes are very precise indeed and they are gradually revealed to me.

Melvil Dewey graduated from Amherst College Massachusetts in 1876. He became college librarian and it was there that he devised his classification system that is still in near universal use in public libraries around the world today. Dan Brown also graduated from Amherst College over a century later. Although Dewey's codes do not figure in Brown's Codes, they do in mine.

The standard Dewey decimal library classification code  for the Book of Revelation of St John the Divine is 228. Telephones are the modern form of instant invisible connection- they could be considered man's very inferior version of God's mechanism of inspiration . British Telecom allocated dialling code 0228 to Carlisle. So perhaps we were meant to go to Carlisle to see the film. Anyway, that's where we found it.

It was nearly ten months after we saw the film in the Carlisle cinema that the next dramatic related coincidence occurred. In August, 1989, we had moved from the Scottish borders to Jenny's old cottage in Epsom in Surrey. I discovered that the video version had been released but I  had difficulty getting a copy of the video of the film in the local Epsom shop. I happened to locate one in a nearby village by 'chance' at 10 pm on 22nd September 1989 - 22.9.89 - but the shop had just closed. We were just driving past and my attention was drawn to it.  So the next day I went back to that shop and joined the video club.

The computer allocated me the membership number 2297 !  How much more precision could you have?

The plot of the film revolves around the coincidences of 229 and its title was The Seventh Sign and it is concerned with the Seven Seals, the Seven Angels  and the Seven Spirits of God.

One striking thing about the promotional hype on the video cover is its inaccuracy. It screams 'an ancient evil is reawakened'. The ancient evil is not a good description of biblical prophecy - God's patience with a mankind, at worst evil, at best uncaring,  is finally at an end. It would take  someone who makes a living from advertising or public relations to have such a distorted view of right and wrong, good and evil - or possibly  the present inhabitant of 1600, Pennsylvania Avenue or one of his 'advisers'.

A little while later while trying to find posters of The Seventh Sign, I was offered some video covers with promotional material on the back. There were so many destiny elements it was almost uncanny. That video shop was in Worcester Park. I had read Chemistry at Worcester College, Oxford.

And as Jenny discovered only on 23rd February 2005, in the novel The Dorset Disaster, the radiation plume sweeps up in a curved path past New Haven, Hartford, Amherst and finally Worcester before disappearing off the edge of the map. The question is whether this film and that novel are inspired in exactly the same way as was Futility in regard to the Titanic. Were the authors and scriptwriters inspired by one and the same Source of Intelligence, the Sentinel of Eternity?  The evidence from The Alpha and Omega Codes is that they  are. See The Pointers. The Skeptics claim there is nothing but chance in all this. But the odds  against them are rising steadily. Read on.

The film was released on video on 12th May 1989.  It was an event on 12th May 1984 that ultimately was the trigger event which changed the course of my life and began my career in psychical research. There is of course also a link to Edward VIII too. It should have been the most important day of his life. He was due to be crowned King of England on 12th May 1937. Instead he abdicated for a woman, a decision he was to regret for the next 35 years. His brother Albert, formerly Duke of York, was crowned  in his stead on that day as  King George VI.

It was on 12th May 1994, that John Smith died from a heart attack. He was leader of the Labour Party in Great Britain. He was a man of principles and widely respected. He was replaced by a man of whom that could not be said. Keir Hardy would not recognise New Labour as being connected with the party he formed. He was the first Labour MP in a hostile House of Commons and proved particularly perceptive in 1894, over the birth of a new prince- Edward, later Prince of Wales and in time, King Edward VIII. The New Leader has shown how few safeguards there are in Britain to prevent dictatorship by the Prime Minister. His unquestioning support for George W Bush has made the world a much more dangerous place. The Armageddon express is now at full speed with Shrub at the controls and ever faithful Teflon Tony, by his side to do his bidding.

Shrub's father Bush started the Gulf War on 17th January, 1991, exactly as my codes had predicted. Kegworth was what it was all about as the Codes also showed. (See The Pointers). Two days after this came the next instalment in our Seventh Sign Coincidences.

That was when we  found an ex-rental copy of the video to buy. We had gone into the shop to try to find a copy of the film Sphinx. Curiously that novel cross connects Tutankhamun's tomb with that of Seti, which brings us back both to Egypt with the Pharaoh Seti and SETI and the Search for Extra Terretrial Intelligence. While I was enquiring about Sphinx, Jenny looked through the ex-rental videos for sale. It was then that she found The Seventh Sign videoIt was 19th January 1991, two days after the first Gulf War began. On 13th January, I had used my  coincidence codes to calculate the date of the start of the Gulf War. This prophecy was proved correct around 2.30 am on 17th January when the first bombs fell on Baghdad. Who knows, it could even have been 2.29?  Now Shrub is finishing of the job begun by his father. It is year 228 of America's existence. Year 229 begins on 4th July, 2005.

We were both astonished to find this video then..  We had gone into the video shop in part because we had noticed its address - 557 London Road, North Cheam. 557 was the most powerful example of  coincidence codes. On 2nd December 1988, Code 557 had prophesied the Lockerbie disaster, barely a week after we saw The Seventh Sign. See The Lockerbie Disaster Prophecy Code to understand the significance of this number 557.

Remembering the earlier experience of the video club membership number, I decided to join this video club. Quite incredibly, I was given the membership number 2293.

And it was our third encounter with the film - the first was seeing the film, the second was renting the video and now the third was buying the video. (Note also Alternative 3 and Princess Diana's assassination) To fully understand how we came to be in the right place at the right time and the high level of interconnectedness in of all this, it will be necessary to read our  books, such as  Volume 1 of 'The Enigma Variations'

This is merely a summary outline of some of the earlier meaningful coincidences involving this film. The Codes were proved right over Lockerbie. As I watch Shrub and his followers in action, I am sure that it was no mere chance that has led to The Seventh Sign being emphasised in The Alpha and Omega Codes. He is a shining example of why the end will come, just as Mary Magdalen warned.

The end will come, partly at the hand of Man, but finally at the hand of God. Only this morning, 23rd February, 2005, as I searched for the video cover of the seventh sign, this theme was reiterated in a powerful coincidence.

A final significant, eerie, or spooky coincidence, whichever you prefer, concerns the actress who plays the heroine of the film and her baby. In the film, Abby’s baby was due on 2.29, i.e. 29th February of some leap year.  Demi’s baby, in real life, was born on 16th August, 1988 and named Rumer. The  child's father was Demi's then husband Bruce Willis.  It is an unremarkable date, you might think, until you realise that it is the 229th day of the leap year 1988, the year that The Seventh Sign was released.

How can it possibly all be 'just chance'?  There is something very deep in all of this.   Not only is there much evidence of inspiration in The da Vinci Code,  there is also much evidence of the same phenomenon in The Seventh Sign.

24th February 2005  2.07pm

The following note was added as a postscript
when the first version of this Seventh Sign page was produced for early in 2004.

PS  Dictation finished, 17th January 2004, 9.36.00 am
I noticed the time as I inserted the 2293 card image into this page for the first time. It was 1229am on 19th January 2004, 13 years to the day since getting the card. I had intended to finish this page this morning, but other changes took too long. Then it came to me to revise the Enigma Web Log site, so I spent the afternoon and evening doing that. So I ended up doing this page now. Perhaps I was meant to. Finishing it like this  echoes the theme that 'The Seventh Sign' has a relevance to Now.

19th January 2004, 0044am

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Update 2015
For more on the Oxford University crest see Oxford and the Last Days  on our later Is God Real  website (2007).  My old university seems to be particularly significant in The Codes of Fate.  5:12pm 26th February 2015  or   2-26-15 in American dating.   226 is the code for Ra, Akhenaten's name for God.  The obelisk is a symbol for Ra.

It is interesting that I come to finish my conversion of the Da Vinci code site to the doomsday rainbow theme today, 2.26.15 because it is the second anniversary of the Luxor hot air balloon disaster, a most significant event in the Codes of Fate.  (2012-2013)

Everything appears to be ordained.  Everything seems to be coming together at an appointed time as I show on the final site The Doomsday Enigmas  (2014-2015)

I finished my inclusion of the Oxford crest at 5:07pm.  That is the code for World's End.  It has been since July 1985 before I knew anything about codes.  And that Chelsea link ties right in to the Luxor balloon tragedy.  As I said everything is neatly planned.....

We are but actors on a stage.  But whose script are you following??



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