The Sentinel of Eternity

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 The Alpha and  Omega Codes


The Da Vinci Code

 1.  Sentinel of Eternity

Obelisk of Ramses II

Place de la Concorde

Twin in Luxor


Obelisk in Church of St. Sulpice

Paris Zero Meridian

2.  Codes

Prophetic coded messages –
Mostly numbers

Communication from spirits of the dead


 Secret cryptic messages –

mostly words

3. Egyptian Connections

Amun and Aten-Ra

A real God



Amon and Isis

Fertility Rituals

The Goddess Cults


The Louvre


4.  Mary Magdalen

To make men understand about God

 The True Story of Mary Magdalen

The real purpose of Christ

To promote the role of women

Her spirit

 Survival of Mary Magdalen

Her bones

Suppressed the role of God

 Errors of the Church

Suppressed the role of women

The Secret of Eternal Life

The Grail

Bones and treasure chests of documents

5.  Royal Blood Lines

Pharaohs  of Egypt
Ramesses II

Lines of Kings

The French Merovingian kings

Claimed to be descended from Christ

The British Kings –
Henry VI -1421-61– inspired by God
Edward VIII -1936-warnings
George VI-1936-52 - inspired by God 
Elizabeth II-1952-?? inspired by horses - Lord Carnarvon -linked to Tutankhamun
Charles, Heir Apparent turned his back on God

St. Paul’s Cathedral

Wedding of Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer

 The False Knight

In a Church off Fleet Street

Temple Church

Knights Templars

6.  Fact and Fiction

First trip to Paris to go to The Louvre – Ankhsoun tells of her death – June 1986

Death and The Louvre

Death of Jacques Saunière

The Madeleine – Second visit to Paris November 1991

Signs of the End of the World

A Significant  Church in

St. Sulpice

Got Hotel by Gare St. Lazare

Left Luggage Locker

Gare St. Lazare

Red Herring  - train ticket  to Lille

Start of the taxi journey to Safe Deposit Box

Visit Libyan Embassy – Lockerbie accused
2 Rue Charles Lamoureux Nov 1991

Duke of Windsor -

Diana’s death - Another sacrifice

Bois de Boulogne

Taxi trip through the Garden of Earthly Delights

Newton –
Laws of Light –
The Rainbow News

Princess Diana’s funeral  September 1997

Then a few weeks later, her spirit came to us

Westminster Abbey

Tomb of Newton claimed to be Grand Master – Priory of Sion

 A student who was moved by the story of Mary  translated it into French. 
Invited us to France for our Third Visit – we traced Diana’s death route in reverse.
1st September 1993 

Young French woman

Sophie –
 The Code Breaker

Lockerbie Air Disaster-
Prophecy Code

Scottish Borders

Rosslyn Chapel
Once Location of Grail?

7. The End of Days

Warnings since November 1988

The Seventh Sign
Code 229

The Apocalypse

 The End of Days

The Apocalypse is 
‘a common misconception’

I read the Lesson in the Madeleine –
17th November 1991

Warns of Signs of the End Times

 At The End of Days

 ‘The Church’ refers to transition period Pisces to Aquarius 
- More New Age than church

What is to Come

‘A legend of paranoid minds’

The true story of Mary Magdalen will be published –


Now that the End has finally come

It is expected that the Priory of Sion will release the sangreal documents –

The true story of Mary Magdalen will  be revealed –

Contradicted by High Priestess
Marie Chauval 

In a leap year 29th February.

Coincidence origin of code 229 re
 The Seventh Sign

 60th Day of the Year

Our da Vinci Code Site published on 1st March 2003

8.  Live Update

Advent- Maddalena Meter reads 22.9m3

Code for the End of the World

1st December 2004

 Live update

Mary Magdalen links


Dead codes or fictional ones created by Dan Brown

9. On The Beach

Advent Sunday
The Whales
Whale Rider
The Oscars 2-29-04

1st December 2004

On the Beach


10. A Lockerbie Reprise

Maddalena Meter Lockerbie Code repeat - 557 m3  

An Omen for Christmas

20th December 2004

 A Code Repeat


11. Revelation

Signs and Coincidences
Flood, etc

26th December


Tidal Wave reports
Mary Magdalen speaks again
507, 557 codes repeat

27th December



It has begun

28th December

Remember-the apocalypse is only a 'legend of paranoid minds'

Sum Maat  Ra
Usr Maat Ra

8th January 2005

The Da Vinci  Code Illustrated Edition by 'chance' gives !S code elements for Sumatra Tidal Wave
Prophetic Date

12. The Wrath of God

Coincidence of National Geographic Magazine - Repeat of Columbia Shuttle disaster experience.
The Seventh Sign Links

29th January 2005 re 25th December

No such concept

The goddess - love?

13. Why the Feast of Stephen

Christ was stoned to death for blasphemy as was Stephen or is it one and the same man confused.

The true story of Christ

No connection

14. The First Seal- On the Beach Again

Patmos, 1994
The Beach and
the Cave of St John's the Divine's vision of the Apocalypse

On the Beach

Dan Brown found The Doomsday Conspiracy
Tahiti ,1994
Inspired writing career

The First Seal -Water was opened on 26th December 2004

The Feast of Stephen

Usr Maat Ra and
The Sentinel of Eternity

The Seven Seals of the Book of Revelation

The First Angel

Special Collectors' Edition by 'chance' Amon is a depiction of Ramses II

Usr Maat Ra

15. SETI and the Sentinel of Eternity

Arthur C Clark
The Sentinel -2001
Higher Intelligence
SETI - King Lists
Imperial Earth parallels
Synchronicity Serendip - Ceylon
Sri Lanka-
Tidal Wave-12-26-04
Sum Maat Ra


Meaningful Coincidence

External, coherent orchestration

Collectors' Edition

Another illustration of Isis  shows her with Seti I

Mun Maat Ra

16. Past , Present and Future

A fresh account of the past corroborated in a unique way by codes and  meaningful coincidence.

A reliable guide to the future

 Track record?

Erroneous accounts of the past so what possible value for the future?

17. The Second Seal

A technological disaster
American nuclear power station

 The Second Angel


At the time of the final crisis for the Prince of Wales



18. The Prince's Choice 

The Throne or the woman who destroyed his marriage.
He cannot have both

To be or not to be?


19. The False  Knight and the Last Judgement

He betrayed his wife and his God.
How can such a man be Head of the Church.
Announcement of Engagement on key date re The Last Judgement pictures





20. The Doomsday Comet

The House of Windsor and Camilla Parker Bowles.
The Heir Apparent makes his final choice on 8th April

 The Alpha and Omega Links


21. False Knight, False King and False Grail 

Prince Charles
President Bush
and the state of the world today.

A man and a nation
To encourage the others


22. Your Choice

Real codes?
Real inspiration?
Warnings from an active Source of Intelligence beyond Space and Time?

What will you put your faith in?

Earthly security?
False gods?

Fictional stories?
The goddess?
The New Age?
The material world?



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