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Ra - The Lost Symbol 
Dan Brown's  Third Robert Langdon Story

More Proof we are indeed 'Actors on the Stage'   
See Daughters of Erebus

1.Background to this Page
On 10th July, 2011, I added the following footnote to the last page of the text Codes and Symbolism 3 of The Sentinel of Eternity.   Those Symbolism pages compares in detail our real life experiences, concerning death in Paris, a Paris church, Mary Magdalen and lines of Kings, with parallel elements in Dan Brown's novel second but most successful novel.  I had revised that page before publishing it on a very significant day I can now see; but then the note led on to another very significant day as you will see below.  Things kept happening in 2010 and now in 2011 which link right back through the years  as God would seem to have planned all along......

( Original da Vinci Code site  page was finally revised - 6.10 pm 13/2/05)

2. Angels and Demons
POSTSCRIPT:  I now realise that I had just begun to read Angels and Demons that very morning 13th February, 2005.  I did not know it then but that first Dan Brown Symbologist novel is set around the conclave which follows the death of a pope.  And within three weeks of my publishing this page, Pope John Paul II was to be summoned to Judgement by his Maker on 2nd April 2005. I actually wrote a letter to him on 14th March and also to Prince Charles warning him of the folly of marrying his mistress Camilla Parker Bowles.   But what did Prince Charles care about signs or God or oaths?

Did the Pope have to linger on until that particular day April  to link back to the lines of the Kings of England, the death of another Arthur and the establishment of the Church of England. It certainly served to fit Dan Browns prophetic setting of the death of a pope in April...  After all Angels and Demons is set in April  and it revolves around obelisks, the obelisks of Rome.  But I did not know that when I designed my da Vinci Code site.  The idea just came to me.  I had a vision of an obelisk with three columns of writing, comparing Brown's novel with our real life experiences.  That idea came to me just as the right ideas had come to Brown at the right time, right from when he found The Doomsday Conspiracy on a beach in Tahiti and got the idea he could do just asa well as that So he took up writing.  It was his destiny to write novels to mirror our destinies, Jenny and mine.  Brown was every bit as much an actor in the stage as were we.   It is all so intricately connected as I have learned as time has passed and the years have ticked by.    And so much more has been revealed through Jenny's death.

3. Destiny, Design and 'The Lost Symbol'
Dan Browns third 'symbologist' novel also revolves around an obelisk, but not an original Egyptian one.  That obelisk is the National Monument in Washington DC.  That book is called The Lost Symbol  and that lost  symbol turns out to be what Brown calls the circumpunct, another horrid Brownism, like symbologist.  It is better referred to as the Ra sign, for it is the Egyptian hieroglyph for Ra.  And the symbol for Ra is the obelisk....

But the elements of destiny flow thick and fast.  In October, 1984, when my first marriage broke up, I was area manager for the Easter half of the Northumbrian Water Authority's Wear Division - before the time of privatisation and the 666 water plcs.   My office was at Washington Sewage Works, Co Durham not DC.   But my wife's new lover did have the initials D.C. My first wife wanted be free.  I was the root cause of all her unhappiness in life, she had realised.  It was a flawed analysis.   I was the one who ended up being freed to find the wife God meant me to have, my second wife Jenny, a woman who would really support me in my work, as a wife should. 

 I met Jenny through her business Nile Egyptian Papyrus and it was through Jenny in a trance that I came 'face to face' with Ankhsoun pa Artenn, the Lost Queen of Egypt.  Ankhsoun's spirit had been sent to tell me the true story of her life, that of her husband Tutankhamun but much more importantly that of her father Akhenaten .  He had tried to turn back the religion of Egypt from the  worship of the false god Amun-Ra to that of the one true God Ra, symbolised by the Artenn.  But Ankhsoun left no doubt that there was only one God for her and her father...Ra.  

Curiously there are strong elements of Ankhsoun's story woven into  The Lost Symbol.....  And is there also a prophecy for America too?  So to what extent are we actors on a stage?   Brown was caused to write as he did,  but the Source intended his three 'code' novels to link to me (Angels and Demons) to Mary Magdalen (The Da Vinci  Code) and to Ankhsoun (The Lost Symbol).  My first wife did me a favour by going off with  her' Mr Right'  .  But he was nothing like as right as Jenny was to be for me...

4. A Precisely -Timed Live Update
And I only came to discover intricate web through space and time over 28 years  from an e-mail someone sent to me on 11th September, 2010, by client of Jan's.  But I  didn't get round to the link she had sent me in  her email  until 17th October.  I was amazed to discover that Brown's Lost Symbol was Ra.  Brown insists on calling it the 'circumpunct'.    Since 1986, for Jenny  and for me it has been the symbol for Ra, God.  Ankhsoun was sent to teach me.... just as the Voice had promised me late in 1985... that he would send a woman to teach me hieroglyphics.... In June, 1986, he sent Ankhsoun to me through Jenny in a trance....

( And now I  see something else which is most relevant.  I was trying to edit bits of this page to link it better into a page on the Voice of God site, the one that explains the code that proves 911 is the Hammer of God for America.  I had just explained about Arthur C Clarke`s letter to me shortly after 911 when he had said he could not remember why he picked 11th September for his fictional impact in Rendezvous with Rama.  I had just explained that the idea had just come into his head in 1972, just as a dozen years later, had the words that I said to Margaret on that night in 1984, the words that had caused her to confess her affair.  I knew I had seen something that I had written about The Lost Symbol yesterday.  So I managed to find this page and began to edit it.  Only then did I realise that e-mail that had come from Juliana, which had triggered The Lost Symbol Coincidences  had arrived on 11th September 2010,  the ninth anniversary of 9/11, and just seven days after the next Hammer of God had devastated the centre of New Zealand`s second city, Christchurch, on 4th September, 2010.

5. Timely Inspiration
Completely unwittingly Dan Brown was caused to get something absolutely spot-on, because the modern world cares nothing for God.  But did I have to follow up that e-mail link on that particular day.  is it not all destiny and design?  Was Juliana not meant to send it to me on that particular day because 911 is a key element in all of the codes?

It  was only later on 17th October, 2010 that I realised that was the very day, the exact anniversary of that day in 1984 when the action in the play had really begun. Various events had already set the scene, but of all this I understood nothing.   Only later did I see how the 'play' had unfolded according to a 'script' .  As far as I was aware, the action began on 17th October 1984. 

My then wife Margaret had come back late from a 'church meeting' (these Christians). I made a throwaway comment.  I now know for certain that that idea was put into my mind by the  Source, as I spoke words that had no particular significance for me, but which the Source knew would trigger her guilt reflex.  Imagining that I must have somehow found out about her 'church meeting'  Margaret, admitted her affair.  Actually,  I did not have a clue. Her sudden intention to marry 'Mr Right' came as a total shock. But the Source knew precisely what she was doing and the Source wanted me to know the truth. She was late because she couldn't tear herself away.  I should have known from the time she got home, nearly two hours after the Housewife's club finishes, that she been to no 'church meeting'.

I knew what time housewives club finishes because I had once been a speaker.  I had shown some cine films I had taken of the playgroup and the Christmas Nativity play.  That was in the days before anyone with a camera pointed at children was a pervert.  Very few people then had cine cameras. the only people really interested in photography had things like SLR`s or cine cameras.  Even video cameras were in the future.  But when she finally arrived home I did not even actually noticed the time.  if I had I would have smelt a rat.  Instead the Source caused me to make a comment and them the truth poured out.

Now she told me she was going to marry 'Mr Right'...perfect husband...perfect father...At the time I was absolutely shattered but eventually after much turmoil came to be very glad.  Back in 1984 I was Eastern Area Controller at Washington sewage works, Washington, County Durham, the ancestral home of George, America`s first president.  And Margaret's 'Mr Right' had the initials DC.  So there it is, very curious coincidences Washington DC, 17th October 1984, when the action began, 17th October 2010 a code echo.   And last night, 6th October, 2012, 946 codes - The Hammer of God -were woven around that book cover.  Yes it really is all about Knowing and the Creator of space and time does indeed 'know all things'.  And he chooses to make us aware of the things we need to know, like your wife betraying you, Margaret's affair........

The story is given in rather more detail in Predestination - abc or A-Z.  So much of it revolved around railways... all design.

6. All about Knowing
It really is all about Knowing.  The date was 17th October 1984.  In the film Knowing, Lucinda's Prophecy Codes predict the second disaster, the New York subway crash on 17th October 2009.  Once again life imitated art and in real life there was a subway crash, but it was in Washington on 22nd June 2009 at a key time in the Airbus Codes woven around Jenny`s death and the proof of her survival of death.  See Carolyn the First Spiritualist Medium Who Could Everything is clearly predestined. We really are unknowing actors on a stage.  there is so much profound truth in Shakespeare`s play Macbeth.  Did I have to study that for GCE English Lit O levels in 1962 ?  There is the quote about actors on a stage from Macbeth.  But was also something particularly relevant which is said by Banquo about the powers of darkness. I will elaborate on both in time, Deo volente.

Something else which is particularly interesting is that that Washington subway crash occurred on 22nd June, 22.6.9 in our dating.  226 is the Alpha and Omega code for Ra'

7.  A Really Uncanny Coincidence, Screaming Design
Margaret still rings me in New Zealand from England every few weeks 'to see how I am'   But there is more to it than that.  I am the one link left to her 'former life'... when her father was alive, when the kids were younger, when she was happier...... She rang the very next night, 18th October, 2010.  After talking for half an hour she suddenly said "I have nearly finished Dan Brown's latest novel.  At first I couldn't put it down.  But now I can hardly be bothered to pick it up...I've got half a dozen pages to go" she said.

It had been the very night before, 17th October, that I had skimmed the last few chapters to find out about the Ra symbol.  Juliana`s e-mail of the 11th of September 2010 had been just a link to a site that she thought might interest me.  That site had talked about Orion`s belt and how it was exactly mirrored in  the three Pyramids of Giza.  I knew of that before we left England in 1994 but the website then went on to talk about Dan Brown`s latest novel The Lost Symbol.  In the course of that internet discussion, it emerged that  towards the end of the book, the 'lost symbol' is revealed as the sign for Ra.  This intrigued me.

 So I picked up a copy of the book.  I had found it through an Egyptian coincidence.  That was a xxx558 car parked outside a bookshop one Saturday afternoon in Ponsonby, a pointer which suggested to me there was something in the bookshop.  First I found a significant Egyptian book then I saw The Lost symbol.  I did not realise it had any link to Egypt.  I had read the first couple of chapters from the book when it was serialised in the New Zealand Herald, shortly after its publication in September 2009.  What I had read had not really impressed me.  It seemed to be really rather dark book.  But when I found it in that bookshop that afternoon, the Voice told me to buy it.  I was actually on my way back from a Spiritualist meeting at the Lees Institute. 

So I picked up my copy of the book and flicked through the last few chaptersto try to find the reference to the Ra symbol.  I had actually read properly the last two chapters.

 So in an astonishing coincidence, in 2010, we were both on the same page of the same book, it is on the very same day, and that day was the exact anniversary of that day in 1984 when our marriage effectively ended.  That book is set in Washington DC, and on that day in 1984 I had  been working in Washington, Co Durham and she  had been to see DC her new lover. Exactly 27 years had passed.  I had experienced so much and learned so much, under God's Guidance, Ra's guidance,  but it has been a difficult life.  Jenny had to put up with a lot more difficulties and uncertainties than Margaret ever had when she was with me.  but perhaps the real thing that distinguishes my two marriages is to Jenny and I shared a real faith in God.  In 1984, I had a safe, steady job ,( * The Lost Symbol Delete All- At this point the screen  went black. Everything was deleted) comfortable income, big 4-bedroomed house, .....none of that applied to Jenny`s life with me.  But I suppose if you have a safe steady job and a comfortable income you probably do not learn much.   you do not need to trust in God you can just trust in the material world, least for so long.  I suspect that over these 27 years, Margaret  has experienced and hence learned little. It was her choice.  She chose a safe life with everything under her control, as do most people, or so they imagine.  I was led to Jenny and we chose to follow the signs, the meaningful coincidences ... and listen to The Voice.  If as the psychologists say, there is only chance behind coincidence and the Voice I hear is the fabrication of my mind/consciousness, how has thje incredible order of cohence been revealed in our work and in our lives, over 25years. 

8. Who is God and Lord of All?
Perhaps the really telling thing is that Margaret hates my talking about Ra.  She has talked dismissively about my pagan god. She had shown a copy of my book The Diagrams of Truth to her minister and church luminaries.  That proves I am wrong. "They are closer to God than you are"  were her words.  See God's Representatives  and also Biblical Errors.

 She knows she is 'saved by Jesus'.  ( See also The Million Dollar Question and Born Again Christians ) Her ministers and prists can't all be wrong, or so she thinks.  But they are... One and all. They all practice Paulianity for that is the reality of 'Christianity' as practiced today.  For the true teachings of the real Christ read our book, given to us in April, 1986, Mary, Daughter of Elohim.   It was not Jesus who wove that web of destiny around Dan Brown`s novel and Juliana`s e-mail, or around the Twin Towers.  It was not Jesus who inspired Dan Brown to write The Lost Symbol with so many elements of the breakup of my marriage and Ankhsoun`s life and death threaded through it.  It was Ra, Elohim, Allah..... God. 

I totally deny the divinity of Jesus, so Jesus is hardly likely to be weaving prophetic meaningful coincidences in my life, leading me to a job at Chicksands Air Force Base in order to indicate to me the future to come for America, nine years later.  As the interaction between the Source and my mind appears to become ever stronger, I can only conclude that my basic premise that it is God who orchestrates is correct.  And Ankhsoun was sent to prove to me that Ra and God are one and the same.  The Source that inspired Akhenaten is the same Source that guides me today.  It is the same source that inspired Arthur C Clarke to write Rendezvous with Rama and The Hammer of God and John Martin to paint his Judgement pictures all at precisely the right times.

But is this uncanny series of coincidences linking Dan Brown's novel with both me and my ex-wife on two 17th Octobers, 26 years  apart, triggered through an email sent on 9/11, not powerful evidence of destiny, inspiration, intelligent design and our being actors on a stage?   God uses us according to His purposes but also according to our natures.  That had been made abundantly clear to me through my Jan experiences in early 2010.  And that e-mail that set off my hunt for the Ra symbol had come from a Tarot Card reader, one of Jan's health care clients... People can claim I look for links.  I just can't help finding them..  I am a scientist and I try to make sense of it all.  That is what real scientists do.  They try to explain the world around them.  They try to understand the numbers in particular.  That was what Kepler did when he tried to fit the observations made by Tycho Brahe of the orbit of Mars.  He tried 40 different ovals to try to make the numbers make sense.  Finally he hit on the simplest oval of all, an ellipse with the Sun at a focus.  it was so obvious, so neat  could not see why no one had seen it before.  He too was inspired by God.  Thus he managed to make sense of the numbers. 

And I have managed to make sense of the numbers, the numbers on that Montego estate car that predicted the Lockerbie air disaster and the other numbers and symbols on the various pieces of the different Cassandra code pieces that have predicted several dozen events over the past 25 years.  It all seems so obviously designed so clearly interconnected that I cannot understand why no one else has managed to put it all together before. But perhaps that is all part of my destiny, to reveal it to a world that could not give a shit.

 I used that phrase is something that I wrote yesterday.  Later, by 'coincidence',  whilst out shopping at the Countdown supermarket last night I saw a heavily built lad walking towards me wearing a black sweatshirt.  On the front in large letters was Give A Shit.   When he came closer I could read the smaller letters above it.  I Just Don't.  Here was definitely another actor on the stage!!  He had just managed to convey precisely what I had written that morning.  It is the general attitude of the world to research such as mine.  Most people really could not give a shit whether God exists or not.  That truth is reflected in the manner of their lives. 

9.  Attitudes to God in East and West
They might trot along to the church or the mosque, the temple or the synagogue, but it is all for show, just a social event.  There is little sign of any belief in a real God with anyone these days certainly in the Anglo-Saxon world.  I did see some evidence of belief in God amongst the French one Saturday night in Paris in 1991, at the church of Sacre Coeur up at Montmartre.  And Muslims do appear to have a real belief in Allah.  Mind their everyday activities would appear to leave most depending very heavily on the mercy of Allah.  I remember one incident, one night, when I was walking along the main street in Luxor.  I never felt threatened in Luxor.  I felt safer  walking down the street there than walking down the High Street in Epsom in Surrey.  There were no drunken layabouts on the streets in Luxor, nobody likely to pick a fight with you if they thought you had looked at them the wrong way.  The Muslims have certainly got some things right.

I saw a khalesh going past me.  That is a four-wheeled carriage drawn by one horse.  They are used to ferry tourists around Luxor and out  to the this great temple of Amun at Karnak. The horses are generally thin and undernourished, in contrast to most of the men who drive the carriages.  This poor horse went down on its knees almost opposite me.  The driver lashed it mercilessly with with his whip until it got up.  The driver carried on for a short distance and then turned into a side street.  I went after him and found that he had pulled up not far down the side street.  I walked up alongside him.  I was furious at his cruelty to his underfed horse.  I shouted to him "May Allah do to you as you have done to the horse."  He was clearly taken aback that a tourist should speak of Allah.  Clearly my words troubled him.  He tried to justify what he had done.  The words of reply came into my mind immediately.  "You do not have to answer to me but you will have to answer to Allah."  I walked off doubtless leaving him wondering.  Later I thought what the reaction would have been if you spoke of God in such a way to people in England.  You would certainly get a mouthful of abuse, if not attacked.

And whether people give shit or not, the codes are always there, the meaningful coincidences that give me the strength to carry on... when allied to the Voice.   They  are just there, waiting... It's how it is meant to be.  Why should I do what almost everyone else does?  Why should I ignore the signs God gives me? 

God shows me them, all part of His plan for the End Times.  On 24th June, 2011 He gave me the sign for The New Covenant... That does not relate to Dan Brown, but to that inspired film Knowing  and the coming  End for mankind.   And  once again Jan, the '946' woman, who sees truth as a 'flexible friend', was  intricately involved...   11:26pm 10th July 2011.

Greatly extended 7th October, 2012 10:39:35pm

Edited and Linked in to other pages 13th October, 2012 6:49pm.  Today has been very much A Day of Knowing ( The time capsule in Knowing is opened on 13th October) linking back to the very beginning for Dan Brown On the Beach in Tahiti in 1994. ( Add in Gertrud's card 13th October farrier etc and Cocks/Cocksey etc  30th October, 2012 12:36am.)

That last entry was some two months was before the importance of 7th October was emphasised to me on 12/12/12.  That  marked the start of The Thread of 7th October - I am converting this site into the new doomsday rainbow theme.   It just happens to be 13/2/15 - exactly 10 years to the very day since I began to read Angels and Demons.  I had been going to do it yesterday but publishing problems onm Is God Real prevented it.  Doubtless they were meant to.  It is becoming ever more obvious that everything is neatly planned. 

I can see now that I have been on a 'Path of Illumination for 30 years, as things have gradually been revealed to me by the Creator of Space and Time.  I call Him Ra, just as did Akhenaten.  It is my alternative name for God, because I don't mean Jesus or Jehovah.   But Christ called Him Elohim.

This morning there was a singularly powerful piece of symbolism as the ideas came to me See The Parable of the Reaper on our latest Doomsday Enigmas Site

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