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8. Live Update
My scientific work in waste water treatment is riddled with incredible cross-connections to my coincidence research. It has been particularly strong in the past year but has had uncanny links for the last seven. Details of the incredible extent of cross-connecting meaningful coincidences will be found in The Philosopher’s Grail, Volume 1 of The Alpha and Omega Codes.( Now The Alpha and Omega Codes Part 2 of Enigmas of Easter.

I will explain just a little of what my scientific work involves. On a part-time basis, I manage the waste water treatment plant for Waikato By Products in Tuakau, which is in the Waikato region of New Zealand. The rendering plant cooks waste meat, bones and stomach contents from dead cows and converts them into usable by products. These are bonemeal - used for animal food, primarily poultry, and tallow – non-edible grades used in cosmetics manufacture or edible grades used in commercial food processes.

Every day, hundreds of tons of waste material from various abattoirs in the North Island of New Zealand are transported to the Tuakau plant by articulated trucks. All the waste from butchers and supermarkets in the Auckland area is also collected in smaller trucks.

The cooking processes produce a waste water that is strong and difficult to treat. The local sewage works, like most in New Zealand, is a primitive oxidation pond system. It serves a total population of about 15,000 people in Tuakau and the nearby town of Pukekohe. In contrast, the Tuakau plant I manage is much more akin to a technologically complex English sewage works, but the heart of the process has been significantly altered. The equivalent population is 100,000 people. The other plant I manage, near Waitoa, in the South Waikato, has a population equivalent of almost 200,000.

When I first came to New Zealand in 1995, my wastewater treatment experience had been limited to sewage works – public health engineering. But New Zealand is rather a closed shop for foreign professionals and it is hard to get work, especially if you do not conform and do it their way. So here my work has ended up being almost entirely devoted to rendering. I now understand the treatment processes better than anyone else in the country, as is evidenced by the effluent quality results obtained from the plants I have modified and still manage. My success in treating these effluents is practical evidence of inspiration – seeing things, being in the right place at the right time, noticing unusual circumstances, knowing about the basic chemistry, biology and engineering to be able to recognise the guidance, when it comes, for what it is.

Links to Mary Magdalen and her message have been strong over the seven years I have worked on that site. These culminated in a quasi-legal Consent hearing in August 2004. But finally, in December 2004, came an amazing direct link to Mary Magdalen. I had ordered a ‘cheap’ flow meter to better control waste recovery processes in the rendering plant. When it came, I found that its model type was Maddalena, linking immediately back to our experiences of Easter morning 2004. The meter was scheduled to be installed on Monday, 29th November, the first working day of Advent but, as usual, higher priorities in the factory intervened. I do not normally go to the site on a Wednesday, but it came to me very strongly that I had to go down to the works in the early evening of 1st December. (That was how I used to describe the Voice telling me.) Perhaps something was wrong with the treatment plant.

I found that the Maddalena meter had been installed that morning. I read the dials and was quite taken aback. I checked them carefully. There was no mistake. The dials read 22.9 m3. Now, 229 just ‘happens’ to be the main key code number for the End of the World. ( See Advent Later Update 1117 Knowing  11:17pm 12th October 2012 - The Start of Knowing)

See The Seventh Sign.

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9. On the Beach
That very morning, 1st December, the New Zealand Herald had, as its front page photograph, a row of dead whales on the beach at Coromandel. It was a strange connection. There was the usual confused Anglican priest trying to be all things to all men, fusing Christian beliefs with Maori ones, talking of whales being Children of Tangaroa, god of the sea. Quite how Tangaroa sits alongside his Holy Trinity was not made clear. Rather more relevant was the Text for the day on the back page. Thus says the Lord ‘I set before you the way of life and the way of death – Jeremiah 21.8.

What struck me about the mass beaching, coming as it had on the night of Advent Sunday, was the parallel to the film Whale Rider which had been so heavily hyped by the NZ media because of the nomination of its young star for best actress. As it was, the Oscars were dominated by awards for the final film of the NZ produced trilogy of Lord of the Rings.

But Whale Rider was the more relevant film – because the Oscars were held on 29th February, or 2-29. Looking at the picture, it is quite uncanny the way the whales are all laid out so neatly in a long row, awaiting death.

However, I was only reminded of this connection by chance today, 13th February. I happened to have written the very last section of this article on the back of a scrap photocopy of the whale photograph. It was turned over on Jenny’s computer when I noticed the date – 1st December. I had not linked it to the Maddalena meter reading until now. There was even another large reference to 229 further down the front page – 1229 JOBS – See Section E.

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10. A Lockerbie Reprise
I visit the waste water treatment plant site twice a week, normally Tuesdays and Fridays. That week, I had to go down on Monday, 20th, because of Jenny’s hospital appointment on the Tuesday. It was the eve of the 16th anniversary of the Lockerbie air disaster. The Maddalena meter reading that evening was 557 m3. In fact, the meter stopped at one point because of a production line problem – at 557.7 m3. It was as though it was a reiteration that our Lockerbie experiences with Code 557 were not ‘chance’. They were orchestrated – by the same Source of Intelligence that was now orchestrating the reprise.

The next day, at the hospital, saw an astonishing re-emphasis on 557, and then the other numbers surrounding the disaster. See 557……..

December 2004 has repeated the Codes of 1988, with a slight transposition, as though the theme has been moved up a few notes – or down – changing the key. The key may have changed but it’s a suited set of locks. There is a master key that fits all (Loch on the Caledonian Canal – Lux Aeterna – Inverness 1988 – 688?)

This reprise of the Codes shows very clearly that the events of 1988, the Lockerbie codes, the communication from some of the spirits of people on the plane and the words from God were not ‘chance’ or the creation of our minds. The repeat number sequences are powerful evidence of external design, in both the meaningful coincidences and in the communication from the spirits of those who have passed God’s Judgement. 11.40.44 (Titanic time) – See Carols for Christmas 1988.

‘Chance’? – It seems as improbable as a Blind Watchmaker, especially given what was to happen at the end of Advent, when Christmas finally came.

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11. Revelation
On 26th December, Boxing Day, the Feast of Stephen, I had to go to work at the waste water treatment plant. I had planned a major maintenance operation for 10th January and I needed to ensure that the anaerobic ponds would be pulled down to the maximum possible extent by that date.

The daily performance sheet faxed to me on Christmas morning had not been particularly good, so I went down myself to the site the next day. The factory was closed. A series of strange coincidences, both in numbers and events, marked that visit. And I was aware of a ‘voice’ warning.

Just before going to bed that night, I put on the television to look at teletext and caught BBC World Service – for what that’s worth nowadays. It is broadcast through the night, free to air on NZTV1. There had been a large earthquake somewhere off Indonesia, resulting in a tidal wave, the worst since 1833. I thought that was odd – possibly an error – surely they meant Krakatoa in 1883. Reports were rather confused but, as is so often the case with ‘live coverage’, the journalists talked a lot but knew very little. As is common with BBC World, they wheeled in tame experts to pad out the programme. It is a very poor shadow of the BBC TV service I had been used to in England. After a short while, I turned the television off and went to bed. At this point, I did not associate this event with all the odd coincidences that had occurred at the waste water treatment plant exactly when the earthquake was occurring.

The next morning, the New Zealand Herald had it splashed as a huge headline – TSUNAMI. I read the reports. A tidal wave, triggered by the worst earthquake for 40 years….a wall of water, 30 feet high had inundated coastlines in Sri Lanka, India, Thailand and Indonesia. The earthquake, registering on the 8.9 Richter Scale, was the fifth largest since 1900. There were 1500 dead in Sri Lanka, 1000 in India, 483 in Indonesia, 100 being in Aceh, and 158 in Thailand. Four tourists had been swept away in Phuket.

It was obviously a major event because it occupied the full front page of the New Zealand Herald which, reflecting the interests of New Zealanders, rarely gives foreign news such front page emphasis – unless it is something important like another overseas triumph for the All Blacks. Foreign news is normally to be found in an inside section.

It still did not register with me that this event was what I had been shown in the strange coincidences of the day before. But that was, in part, because the full magnitude of the disaster was not yet apparent and key connections in the coincidences could not yet be seen.

I was irritated by the use of the Japanese word ‘tsunami’, to the total exclusion of the perfectly good and far more graphic English term – tidal wave. Tsunami is a word that conveys nothing to me. It is an alien word. The experts had decreed that Tidal Wave is an inaccurate description because the phenomena had nothing to do with tides. It is Japanese, meaning ‘Harbour Wave’. But it hadn’t much to do with harbours either.

A characteristic of the Tidal Wave is that, before its arrival, all the water is sucked from the beach, i.e. the tide goes out. And when it comes back, it is a wall of water anything up to 30 feet high – a wave with a vengeance. The Tidal Wave may indeed have nothing to do with the moon and its tides, but the term 30 foot high tidal wave conveys very powerfully in English what happened. 10 metre Tsunami conveys nothing.

After reading all the reports of the Tidal Wave, I got the idea to work on the final version of the story of Mary Magdalen. I don’t know why the idea came to me then. I had done no work on Mary’s book since 6th December. Then I had found a new typeface ‘by chance’ on the computer which was perfect for the chapter title headers. It even had an appropriate name – Cloisters BT. I had searched for a font like this, months before, to no avail. Since then, I had got a new computer and installed various programmes – now here was the font I needed!

So, on 27th December, I had gone back to Mary’s story. As well as changing the header typefaces, I was altering slightly the pagination, taking out line spaces and changing line lengths so that the chapters broke properly in the printed sections. It was the first time for many years that I had re-read Mary’s story. Perhaps my decision that day was inspired (10.07 pm). The date was 12-27-04 (US dating) and 227 is the Code for The Covenant – a key chapter of Mary’s story and a reference to Noah and the Flood.

As I progressed through the chapters, I was struck by the power of Mary’s warnings of the Wrath of God to come. She was so angry about how the churches have distorted the message Christ was sent to bring. She was quite scathing about the Virgin Mary, so idolised by the Catholic Church and the present Pope, very much in defiance of Exodus 20,4- Thou shallt not make unto thee any graven image... and 20,5...Thou shallt not bow thyself down to them nor serve them.....( I prefer Tyndale's words from the King James version of the Bible of 1610 to that of later popularising experts)

I made notes of key passages which I came across as I edited the line lengths. Then I wondered about including a word - ‘now’ - for clarity. Suddenly I became aware of Mary’s spirit linking into my mind. She was ‘talking’ to me. "That is fine. I want it to be clear." Then she spoke at some length. "Soon it will all go….." She speaks so strongly of the End Times.

"They have made a god out of him
A false god
And Elohim is angry
Man has little time left
Man will not change
Elohim know this
Elohim knows the moment
When He will destroy man
And all his evil ways"

Then she carried on…….

After she had finished speaking, I had a quick snack before going down to work again at the waste water treatment plant. As I drove through Tuakau village, my eye fell on the speedometer mileage. It occurred to me that it would probably register 180507 by the time I got to the factory. It was precisely that at the weighbridge just inside the factory gate. The number will mean nothing to you, but it reiterated for me a very powerful theme. It precisely echoed Mary’s words. Code 507 means ‘World’s End’. It was in Chelsea, in 1985, that my psychical research began in earnest. My address was 507A King’s Road, SW10. That part of Chelsea is called World’s End. That is the name of the local pub. See Koestler and World's End

As if to reinforce this reference, on 25th January 2005, Jenny picked up a book from one of the piles of books which had recently been taken out of storage boxes in ‘Hut 3’. It was Chelsea Child. She started to read it, in part because for a while she had lived with me in my flat in Chelsea. That was really where out life together began. She was staggered to find that much of the story revolves around the very street where I bought my own flat further up King’s Road – Chelsea Manor Street. She was reading it in bed that night and finally closed the book. "Good God!" she said. "Look at the back cover." It is a photo of the pub in question – The World’s End.

It is so typical of the way our inferences are confirmed – that our conclusions about our meaningful coincidences are verified.

What is more, the mileage on 27th December at the weighbridge – the great balance - was 180507. And what is the Last Judgement but the ultimate Great Balance? The weighbridge has featured in many very significant coincidences over the past seven years, re-echoing the Codes. Details will be found in The Philosopher’s Grail.

This is just another VERY TIMELY example. I did the readings of the various meters on the site that evening and made one or two adjustments. Then I filled in the daily plant performance sheet. When I calculated the total flow from the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) to the Waikato River from my visit in the early afternoon on 26th to my next visit in the early evening on 27th, I was quite staggered. The calculation showed 557 m3 of treated waste water had flowed into the river.

One thing I had done on 26th December had caused a flood – the weirs on the final tank were drowned. The net result was the total flow of 557 m3. The number 557 was our first key, prophetic, inspiration Code linking to the Lockerbie air disaster. It was given to us nineteen days before Pan Am 103 crashed at Lockerbie. As I filled in the sheet, I realised I had omitted to take one reading. So the final thing I did on 27th December was go back down to read the returned activated sludge (RAS) flow meter. It is always referred to as the RAS. The reading was 202045.07 m3. 202 in the Codes indicated ‘disaster’ – and again it was 507. So, the first ‘meter’ I saw was the mileometer 180507 and the last the RAS meter 202045.07. The first and the last – Alpha and Omega - 507 – The World’s End. And could not RAS be written alternatively Ra’s? – for Ra was Akhenaten’s name for God. And in The Alpha and Omega Codes, the number for Ra is 226. The Tidal Wave occurred on 12-26-04.

It was not until the next morning that I was suddenly able to put all the pieces together. I was lying in the bath. I shouted to Jenny to come and write down the words that had come into my mind.

{It has begun – But barely a murmur really – yet…….}

Suddenly I realised we were being told that the Apocalypse has begun. That was the meaning of the Alpha and Omega ‘507s’ the night before. Today the date was 12-28-04 and Code 228 is ‘Revelation – the Apocalypse of St. John the Divine’. Gradually I was able to put it all together as we saw more TV footage of the Tidal Wave and its aftermath. I had been given all the signs. All the strange coincidences of my Boxing Day visit began to fall into place.

The Source of Intelligence had chosen to orchestrate these coincidences. I observed them and recorded them – but did not fully comprehend them for several days. But the Source of Intelligence knew precisely how it all fitted together. I had been ‘given’ the disaster in a coded form, just like Lockerbie in 1988. Was this the reason why the Lockerbie Code numbers had been indicated to us so strongly, first on the Maddalena meter on the night of 20th December and then at the hospital on the 21st? It was a code reprise – at Christmas. This was the event in question - hence the 557 m3 between 1.30 on 26th and 8 pm on 27th. The earthquake occurred at 1.58 pm on 26th December, NZ time.

Footnote: The reason I had gone to the Tuakau wastewater treatment plant site on 26th and 27th December had been to prepare for the anaerobic pond desludging operation which began on 10th January, as planned. It took longer than anticipated, ending finally on 17th January, the anniversary of the start of the Gulf War and my first successful prediction based on inspiration, meaningful coincidence and codes in numbers. That morning, the New Zealand Herald had reported the Titan moon landing.

On the previous afternoon, 16th January, marked at 1359 by the official New Zealand ‘one minute’s silence for the tsunami victims’ there had been strong indications of the Second Seal to come, echoing the 1991 Gulf War/D-Day theme in numbers, but not in events.

The following Saturday, I had to visit another waste water treatment plant at Omaha near Warkworth in relation to a similar desludging operation for another of my rendering industry clients. The reiteration of the D-Day theme was inescapable and the SETI theme was singularly strong that afternoon.

When I came to make out the final invoice for the desludging operation, I was quite astonished. I added the contractor’s invoice to my own for my scientific and management services and found the total came to $35,572 – again, a combination of what has been – Lockerbie – and what is to come – nuclear disaster. The desludging operation had begun on 13th July 2004, with two sets of seals, followed by Code 2297. It ended with a bill for $35,572. Yes, my wastewater work is inextricably intertwined with my psychic/coincidence research work.

Other elements were to emerge over the next few weeks – together with a final confirmation, which arose from my pursuing a significant element which had led to Dan Brown’s writing career and ultimately The Da Vinci Code.

Given the theme of ‘On the Beach’, both in The Alpha and Omega Codes in general and especially with regard to the Tidal Wave, it is perhaps significant that his idea for a writing career began on the beach in Tahiti 1994 when he found a copy of a novel by Sydney Sheldon The Doomsday Conspiracy. – After all, his book The Da Vinci Code is linked inextricably, even if inadvertently, into the real Doomsday – not, after all, ‘a legend of paranoid minds’. In May 1994, we visited Patmos where St. John was given his visions of Doomsday.

On 8th January 2005, as I was in the Papakura Postshop posting my latest batch of waste water samples to the Rotorua laboratory, I noticed two copies of the new Illustrated Collector’s Edition of The Da Vinci Code by the till. I picked up a copy and flicked it open. It fell open at ‘Amon and Isis’. I smiled to myself. These picture researchers do not do much of a job. The picture was of Isis and Ramses II, as is obvious from the cartouches – Ramses mere Amun, i.e. Ramses, beloved of Amun. It was not a picture of Amun himself. But then, the researchers would have found it impossible to find an original Egyptian representation of Amun with Isis. But, I suppose, the illustration was as accurate as the AMON-LISA anagram.

I bought the book anyway, as it was a very important date to find it. 8th January 1991 had been the date of my realising that I was being given a double cross-reference for a future event – the start of the Gulf War. One cross-reference was the Daily Telegraph errors – a parallel to the 1944 D-Day Crosswords, and the other was a cross-link between two major air disasters in Britain which occurred within eighteen days of each other – Lockerbie and Kegworth.

8th January was the anniversary of Kegworth. I had subsequently been proved right over my Code theories in 1991. Now the Codes tell me the Apocalypse has begun. Curiously, Dan Brown’s picture researchers have chosen most appropriate images for the Egyptian links, although they give no explanations of the illustrations at all, nor of their origins. They have inadvertently chosen images which link precisely into The Alpha and Omega Codes, not The Da Vinci Code, and specifically into the Sumatra tidal wave.

The full details will be found in Volume II of The Alpha and Omega Codes – The Convergence of the Codes.

Remember – it has begun!

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12. The Wrath of God
And so, it is now time for the true story of Mary Magdalen to be told to the world. For the End Times of which she warned began with the Sumatra earthquake and tidal wave. To date, only 300,000 are dead, but only the First Angel has sounded. The Wrath of God is being poured out upon Mankind.

There was a curious link to this theme in a Christmas present which Jenny gave me on Christmas Day. But I only realised how timely this had been on 29th January when I again came across this as I was looking for a magazine article about Dan Brown and his link to Amherst College. One present had consisted of a National Geographic magazine – its cover title was Wrath of the Gods. It was a series of articles about earthquakes and volcanoes. It was wrapped with a book entitled Trains in Trouble about train crashes in Britain. I opened it shortly after 10 pm on Christmas night. Jenny had found them in the local Papakura secondhand bookshop. The National Geographic magazine had been on top of a pile and so had caught her attention. We had had a busy and interesting Christmas Day – and we did not open our presents until late in the evening. Another book she gave me was entitled Empire. It was about the British Empire and its final fall. I flicked the book open and read about the barbaric Hindu practice of Suttee where wives were burned alive with their husband’s bodies.

Jenny was a little surprised at my strong reaction to the Wrath of the Gods magazine. It was one I had searched for at the start of that year. It was one I particularly associated with The Seventh Sign – the fictional film based on the signs preceding the Apocalypse.

On 13th January 2004 I had found a number of National Geographic magazines – all significant – about ten in all - in two Papakura charity shops. But on that occasion, there was just the cover of Wrath of the Gods. The rest of the magazine was missing.

I had cause to remember the day because later that morning I suffered chest pains and went to the local Accident & Emergency clinic. I was transferred to Middlemore Hospital for tests as a precaution, in case of a possible heart attack. I had to fill in the time in hospital, so I asked for some paper and wrote an account of the significance of The Seventh Sign in The Alpha and Omega Codes. At the time, I had thought it significant that my experience had occurred on 13th January, for my first ever successful prophecy was in a notebook which began on 13th January 1991. See The Pointers.

It is a strange coincidence that, within 16 hours of my opening the seal on that Christmas present, The Wrath of the Gods and Trains in Trouble, the earthquake struck off Indonesia and the Tidal Wave roared across the Bay of Bengal, producing the world’s worst ever railway disaster in Sri Lanka. One derailed engine shown in the book is a B1 61229.

It is all just ‘coincidence’, of course, as any skeptic will tell you – all ‘chance’. But the events which occurred when I went into work on that particular day, St. Stephen’s Day, Boxing Day, would suggest otherwise because I was shown and given things which could only relate to what was happening in the Bay of Bengal, by Something, some Source of Intelligence that knew exactly what was happening long before than did mankind. And does not Peter say in 2 Peter 3,10 ‘But the day of the Lord shall come as a thief in the night.’ This is just the start……

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13. Why the Feast of Stephen?
On the Feast of Stephen, local time, the First Seal was opened. In other parts of the world, it was still the day when they were celebrating the birth of their Messiah, the First Coming. But the Second Coming had begun.

Christ was not crucified by the Romans. He was stoned to death by the Jews. The most accurate description of the manner of his death is to be found in Acts – the death of St. Stephen, the first Christian Martyr. The story, as set down in Acts 6,8-8,2 is notable for a variety of reasons.

6,8 Stephen, full of faith and power did great wonders and miracles amongst the people.

6,9 Then there arose certain of the synagogue, which is called the Synagogue of the Libertines and Cyrenians and Alexandrians and of Sicilia and of Asia, disputing with Stephen.

6,10 They were not able to resist the wisdom and spirit by which he spake.

6,11 Then they suborned men which said We have heard he spake blasphemous words against Moses and against God.

6,12 And they stirred up the people and the elders and the scribes and came upon him, and caught him and brought him to the council.

6,13 And set up false witnesses, which said, This man ceaseth not to speak blasphemous words against this holy place, and the law

6,14 For we have heard him say that this Jesus of Nazareth shall destroy this place, and shall damage the customs which Moses delivered to us

6,15 And all that sat in the council looking steadfastly on him saw his face as it had been the face of an angel.

7,1 Then said the high priest. Are these things so?

In reply, from 7,2 to 7,47, Stephen supposedly gives a history of the Jews, notable for its incredible length, occupying six times as many column inches as does the account of Stephen’s work and his being brought to trial. It has been clearly lifted by the original compilers from some other text. It is not until 7.48 that Stephen says anything which the ‘court’ might fault.

7,48 Howbeit the Most High dwelleth not in temples made with hands; as saith the prophet,

7.49 Heaven is my throne, and earth is my footstool: what house will ye built me? saith the Lord; or what is the

place of my rest.

7.50 Hath not my hand made all these things

7,51 Ye stiffnecked and uncircumcised in heart and ears, ye do always resist the Holy Ghost; as your fathers did so do ye.

7,52 Which of the prophets have not your fathers persecuted? And they have slain them which shewed before the coming of the Just One; of whom ye have been now the betrayers and murderers:

7,53 Who have received the law by the disposition of angels, and have not kept it.

7,54 When they heard these things, they were cut to the heart, and they gnashed on him with their teeth.

7,55 But he, being full of the Holy Ghost, looked up stedfastly into heaven, and saw the glory of God, and Jesus standing on the right hand of God,

7,56 And said, Behold, I see the heavens opened, and the Son of man standing on the right hand of God.

7,57 Then they cried out with a loud voice, and stopped their ears, and ran upon him with one accord,

7,58 And cast him out of the city, and stoned him; and the witnesses laid down their clothes at a young man’s feet, whose name was Saul.

7,59 And they stoned Stephen, calling upon God, and saying, Lord Jesus, receive my spirit.

7,60 And he kneeled down, and cried with a loud voice, Lord, lay not this sin to their charge. And when he had said this, he fell asleep.

8,1 And Saul was consenting unto his death. And at that time there was a great persecution against the church which was at Jerusalem ; and they were all scattered abroad throughout the regions of Judaea and Sa-mar-i-a, except the apostles.

8,2 And devout men carried Stephen to his burial, and made great lamentation over him.

The similarities between this account and Mary’s story about the true death of Christ cause me to wonder whether the account of Stephen’s work and death is really a confused account of the real death of Christ. For blasphemy was the crime common to both. And the crime of blaspheming Moses is also noteworthy, given the connection between the mythical Moses and the real Akhenaten.

It also seems singularly relevant to note that for the stoning of Stephen ‘the witnesses laid down their clothes at a young man’s feet, whose name was Saul.’ (7,58). For this Saul was to become Paul, the architect of Paulianity, the false Gospel of Salvation which has masqueraded as Christianity for nigh on two millennia. It is the quicksand upon which the Christian church has built its edifice.

So, perhaps it is most appropriate that the Source of Intelligence has chosen to begin the End Time sequences at a time which links into both the birth of Christ and his death. And for it to link so strongly into Mary’s story is powerful evidence that her account is the true Gospel According to Mary. Incidentally, only John gets the events of the first Easter Morning correct. The other evangelists are contradictory and inaccurate. Mary went alone to the tomb. 1.25 pm 8/2/05

The 26th December is the feast day when the Church remembers the death of St. Stephen. It is perhaps significant that it is so close to the date when the Church remembers the birth of Christ. Perhaps, again inadvertently, they have put together the birth and death of the same man.  And 26th December has a second, very powerful, meaning in The Alpha and Omega Codes, but that meaning will be elaborated later.

One of the earthquakes described in detail in Wrath of the Gods was the powerful one which occurred in Turkey on 17th August 1999. That marked the last year of the Millennium – on day 229 of the year. And remember - it is the number 229 around which the story of coincidence is woven in the film The Seventh Sign.

Just coincidence……..Or is it?

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14. The First Seal
At first the tide receded, leaving an enormous area of beach exposed. The fish flapped on the sand. The sun shone in a clear blue heaven. Then came the tide of death, carrying all before it. It is the worst tidal wave in recorded history. Before the Feast of Stephen, in Sumatra, the worst tidal wave had been in the South China Sea in 1782 when 40,000 died. Now the death toll for this Sumatra Tidal Wave stood at 283,000 on 30th January 2005 and was still rising. Another 1700 bodies were added to the toll on the previous day in Indonesia. At present, the Sumatra toll is seven times that of the worst that came before it.

Just as in The Seventh Sign, the fictional film about the End of the World, the Last Days, the End Times, the First Seal is opened on Christmas Day, American time. But it is not fish washed up on the beaches as in the film. It’s the bodies of men, women and children.

Given the theme of ‘On the Beach’, both in The Alpha and Omega Codes in general and especially with regard to the Tidal Wave, it is perhaps significant that his idea for a writing career began on the beach in Tahiti 1994 when he found a copy of a novel by Sydney Sheldon The Doomsday Conspiracy. – After all, his book The Da Vinci Code is linked inextricably, even if inadvertently, into the real Doomsday – not, after all, ‘a legend of paranoid minds’. In May 1994, we visited Patmos where St. John was given his visions of Doomsday.

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