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Set out below you will find a timeline, taking you through key elements in The Da Vinci Code and Dan Brown’s inspiration for it and the uncanny parallels with the real Alpha and Omega Codes which God is using to demonstrate His intelligent design and to warn us of the End Times.

1. The Sentinel of Eternity
Think of it as a monolith, an obelisk, a Sentinel of Eternity, like that of Ramses II in the Place de la Concorde in Paris – or its twin which stands outside the Temple of Luxor in southern Egypt. Those twin obelisks carry three parallel columns of hieroglyphs on each face – sacred writing – a coded message which man long found difficult to decipher. These red granite monoliths were erected on the orders of Ramses II – Usr Maat Ra mere Amun – which, translated, means ‘Ramses, Powerful Truth of Ra, Beloved of Amun’. But then he was always one to hedge his bets, as can be seen in the innermost shrine of his great temple at Abu Simbel where the suns rays penetrated on only two days of the year, at precisely 5.58 am when it stood in its original site on the banks of the Nile.

Or, of course, you could think of it in terms of the obelisk on the Embankment beside Charing Cross Station in London – erected just above Bazalgette’s great trunk sewer system for London which, in turn, was based on the inspiration of John Martin who had clear visions, very clear visions of the wrath of God, both past and yet to come. That obelisk also has a twin which stands in Central Park, New York city, outside the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Those obelisks also have three columns of hieroglyphs. But they were not erected on the orders of Ramses II. They were erected on the orders of Tuthmose III several centuries before. But Ramses II could never let an opportunity go to waste, like the modern, entrepreneurial man of market forces. Tuthmose III merely had a central column inscribed. So Ramses II took the opportunity to glorify himself in two additional columns, one set either side of the original.

I have dwelt at some length on the imagery of the obelisk because an obelisk features in The Da Vinci Code, quite early on, as the zero meridian point for Paris set in the church of St. Sulpice. But the Paris monolith that matters is the one that was originally erected as a symbol of the sun god, Ra. In the earliest times, man saw the sun as a god. The ‘heretic pharaoh’ Akhenaten was inspired to refine this concept so that the sun was symbolic of God. He devised the Aten, the sun’s disc with rays ending in human hands, to symbolise God’s care for those who cared for God and tried to follow His ways. Maat is the only goddess, i.e. aspect of God, which Akhenaten allowed to remain. He destroyed the false gods like Amun, the hidden one, who claimed to bear the ankh. For eternal life is not in the gift of the false gods. Their promises are empty.

As the ideas came to me for this page, to try to explain a very complex topic in a way that people might understand, the image of the obelisk flashed into my mind. I had set down a few elements in three columns, with The Da Vinci Code on the right and our real Codes, The Alpha and Omega Codes, on the left. You may think there’s a curious symbolism – but that is how the idea came to me. Perhaps it symbolises man’s view. But, viewed from the centre of the obelisk, looking out to the four corners of the earth, The Da Vinci Code is on the left and The Alpha and Omega Codes are on the right – the view from the Source.

So, read down these pages. See the connections. But if you want to have the Alpha and Omega Codes elaborated, then buy our books. Unfortunately, we live in a world of market forces which is why the world is heading rapidly for destruction. For almost two decades, we have tried to warn. We have put on exhibitions. We have tried in vain to interest those mythical creatures – investigative journalists – and those even more mythical creatures – priests who really seek to know God. We have come across plenty of scientists who think they know the truth so they can ridicule for ‘there is no God’. Science has the answer to everything - they think.

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2. Codes
The idea of prophetic hidden Codes linked to world events first emerged with Code 557 and the Lockerbie air disaster in December 1988. See The Prophecy Code of 557. Then one morning in January 1991, I had a flash of inspiration. I suddenly realised that the strange coincidences of the D-Day Crossword Codes were being repeated, as another coded message, from the same Source of Intelligence that inspired Leonard Dawe, the original 1944 compiler of the Daily Telegraph crosswords. I had the idea of the connection between Lockerbie and Kegworth on 8th January 1991, two years to the day after the Kegworth air disaster, as I lay in the bath. I realised I was being shown, through a progression of the codes 557, 558 and 559, when the Gulf War would start and also what was its real purpose. For, despite the protestations about freedom and democracy, the word ‘Kegworth’ has only one meaning – the value of a barrel of oil.

On the morning of 9th January 2005, as I lay in the bath, the idea came to me for this page to try to explain to people the intricate complexity of the Alpha and Omega Codes. Dan Brown’s novel is doubtless timely and it has introduced millions to the concept of truth being conveyed through codes and symbolism. Unfortunately, the ‘truths’ Dan Brown tries to convey are falsehoods. Real truth – absolute truth – not the modern ‘relative truth’, my truth, your truth, etc, etc - can be conveyed to us through symbolism, the symbolism of meaningful coincidence – for that is indeed what meaningful coincidence – real meaningful coincidence - is all about. This is not the engineered parable-like figments of an author’s imagination, synthetic, plastic coincidences engineered to convey a spoof New Age message as in The Celestine Prophecy. Dan Brown’s novel is much more relevant, for it is concerned with the Holy Grail and the real story of Mary Magdalen, which is precisely what the Alpha and Omega Codes are concerned with.

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3. Egyptian Connections
But whereas in The Da Vinci Code the emphasis is on the survival of the bones of Mary Magdalen, the emphasis in The Alpha and Omega Codes is on the survival of her spirit. There is an idea which is now current that, thanks to the latest medical technology, historical truth can be found in bones. Is it just coincidence that, at this very moment, the results of CT scans are being analysed on a set of bones from antiquity – 1300 years before Christ walked in Galilee. The bones are those of a man who once sat on the Throne of Eternity, Lord of the Two Lands, Son of Ra, Tutankhamun, Pharaoh of Egypt. That was his claim anyway, even if his own actions belied what was engraved on the stones and on the treasures in his tomb.

And how did he become Son of Ra? Only by marrying the Daughter of Ra, the true Daughter of Ra – Ankhsoun-pa-Aten. She it was who tried to carry on the work of her father, Akhenaten, the ‘heretic’ pharaoh, a Son of Ra in more than name alone. He was the first contemporaneously recorded man in history to say that there is one God. And, 3355 years later, the contemporaneous evidence still exists in the tombs carved in the rock above the site where his city once stood.

Moses is a myth, on a par with the myths of Greece. Perhaps his story is based, in part, on that of Akhenaten, in part someone lost in the mists of antiquity. Freud came to believe that the story of Akhenaten was the basis of the story of Moses. One of his last books was Moses and Monotheism, published in 1923. By coincidence, that was the year that Tutankhamun’s tomb was opened and Lord Carnarvon became the first victim of the ‘Curse of the Pharaohs’ – or was it the Justice of Ra? For Lord Carnarvon had on his desk a statue of Amun and in his life worshipped Amun (link to the Royal Family – Andrew). It was on 5th April 1923 that Lord Carnarvon was summoned to account. It is said the lights in Cairo dimmed and went out when Carnarvon died. (The film Cairo Road is on TV as I write this).

And it was on 5th April 1986 that the spirit of Mary Magdalen came to speak to us – a strong link to the Justice of God of which, in time, she was to warn so powerfully. She spoke to us by linking into the mind of Jenny, who went into a kind of trance. It was a totally spontaneous experience. We have never sought to communicate with the dead – or should that be the living? It seems they seek us out when the time is deemed to be right by the Sentinel of Eternity. Perhaps they are His messengers for the End Times. Are they the Angels of Death of the Book of Revelation? They came to warn, but their warnings have gone unheeded. No one wants to know. We have struggled in vain since 1986 to put across these messages. Now it seems it is too late for man.

So, as they pore over the CT scans in Egypt, they have great expectations. They think they will find the truth about Tutankhamun and his royal lineage. How they imagine a CT scan will do that is unclear. At best, it will confirm the X-ray findings of 1968 - that he was murdered – for indeed he was. But the bones can tell you little more. The rest is conjecture.

In contrast, we have the spirit of Ankhsoun-pa-Aten, once queen of Egypt, indeed pharaoh herself, co-regent with her father, Akhenaten – for that is the meaning of the Berlin Stela. Akhenaten has his arm around another pharaoh, not because he is a homosexual – he was not perverted. He lived his life according to God’s ways, not according to those of the worst of men. No doubt this statement will not please those who seek to claim homosexuality to be ‘normal’. That way of life is an affront to God. And a ring in Tutankhamun’s tomb is used as further ‘evidence’ of Akhenaten’s sexual proclivities. ‘Ankh Kheper-ru-Ra, beloved of Nefer Kheper-ru-Ra’ proves nothing more than that Akhenaten was a father who loved his daughter, not that Akhenaten was a man who lusted after Smenkare, the puppet of the priests of Amun.

But you will find none of this by doing CT scans of the bones of Tutankhamun, the betrayer, the ‘king’ who betrayed his queen and his God. He was crowned Tutankhaten, but it is not unusual for kings to be swayed by priests – so he changed his name to Tutankhamun. He also changed his wife’s name too, to a name which was an abomination to her. She tells it all in her story. She tells about her husband’s burial in the Valley of the Kings, together with that of her son, murdered at birth. The tomb was to be untouched for three and a half thousand years – an accident of history? Or was it the very precise choice of the real Sentinel of Eternity? Take your pick. The inner chamber of the tomb was opened on 18th February 1923.

It was on 18th February 1986 that I met Jenny through her business of selling Egyptian papyrus paintings. I was looking for a picture of Akhenaten. I got one – a papyrus one – a few days later. It came unordered, curiously in a kind of shrine, added to a batch of paintings which Jenny had ordered. And a few months later, I got the full picture from the spirit of his daughter – doubtless at the behest of Akhenaten’s Father – his real Father, Ra.

So you can read the true story of Ankhsoun-pa-Aten in Ankhsoun, Daughter of Ra. Her spirit has told infinitely more than the bones of her husband could ever do. Whatever scientific techniques are applied to them, they are only bones. What is more important, we know only what has happened to the bones of Neb Kheper-ru-Ra, Tutankhamun. What we are cannot know for certain is what has happened to his spirit. But the indications from other people about whom we do have evidence suggest that the outlook for his spirit was bleak indeed.

Amun is always shown as a man with a wicker crown. His symbol was the ram. And so the priests corrupted the symbols of Ra with the symbols of Amun. The ram is given the sun disk of the falcon. The only problem is the symbolism is not terribly good. The falcon flies highest in the sky, the falcon sees all and, at the time of his choosing, he swoops on his chosen prey. But what of the ram? It has a problem getting off the ground. Its vision is singularly limited – so it is a good symbol for man but a poor one for God. What does the ram see? (pun on Ramses) – just part of a herd of sheep (Heard of chickens? – it’s a NZ TV advert). And what does the future hold for the herd (flock) of sheep? (hear – don’t hear, understand, know) – Being led to the slaughter. – Which brings us to the rendering plant and all the signs re the blood tankers and the Great Weighbridge.

The priests of Amun conveniently inserted Ra’s sun disk into the wicker crown. But the light shineth in the darkness and the darkness comprehendeth it not (John, 1,5). For Amun means ‘the hidden one’ – accessible only to the priests in the temples.

So The Alpha and Omega Codes have a much more powerful link to Egypt, the Land of Eternity, than the very doubtful connection in The Da Vinci Code…. The anagram of MONA LISA with L’ISA AMON supposedly connects Isis, the goddess of fertility, with Amun – portrayed as the god of fertility. That was a very minor aspect of Amun compared with his overriding importance as the overarching State God of Egypt – Amun-Ra. Dan Brown, in The Da Vinci Code, chooses to tie together two totally separate elements of Egyptian mythology and religion. Isis and Amun are never to be found linked anywhere other than in this contrived anagram.

Isis was the wife of Osiris – god of the dead, Lord of Eternity – always symbolically portrayed in green, the colour of plants which spring forth to new life every spring. The consort of Amun was Mut, the vulture goddess, and their son was Khonsu, god of the moon – appropriate given the activities of the priests of Amun on the nights of the full moon. And there is an even stronger parallel in Ankhsoun’s death with The Da Vinci Code. Before she was killed, the priests of Amun inflicted on her their even more perverted version of the supposed climax of human experience, the ‘hieros gamos’.

( How curious that Brown should have paid such close attention to these two figures from the Egyptian pantheon as the come together now in the deeds of the followers of the Black Caliph with their hearts matching their flags.  For a consideration of the coincidences of Isis and doomsday see Isis, Isis and ISIS on our final Doomsday Enigmas site 8:56pm 2-26-15)

Brown makes great play of the phallic symbolism of Amun, as well he might. The emphasis of his supposed ‘true’ religion is based on the sacred ritual of the hieros gamos. Brown has made this element a defining feature of Saunière, the hero, whose death opens the novel and whose coded trail of clues forms the backbone of the novel. But these claims for such human experience do not relate to the reality of God. All too often this experience relates solely to the indulgence of self, particularly given the modern attitude to casual sex without any meaning or responsibility. God is absent from The Da Vinci Code – totally and completely absent. The novel, like man, is concerned with rituals – whereas God is not. In Isaiah I,11, God asks ‘To what purpose is the multitude of your sacrifices unto Me?’.

So, Amun-Ra, the fabrication of the priests, is a contradiction in terms. How can the Hidden One be Lux Aeterna, Lux Mundi, the Light of the World, Aten-Ra?

Egypt, and in particular Akhenaten and his daughter Ankhsoun-pa-Aten, link powerfully into the Alpha and Omega Codes and into the real story of Christ and Mary Magdalen. The stories of both women provide powerful evidence for life after death. But that is another theme totally missing from The Da Vinci Code. The novel does not even touch on the reality of existence beyond the grave. It is a shallow book, concerned solely with the material world. And this is where The Da Vinci Code differs from The Alpha and Omega Codes. For the Alpha and Omega Codes are concerned with the purpose of existence, not the existence of a woman’s body.

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4. Mary Magdalen
The Da Vinci Code appears to have struck a chord with many people. Quite why this should be so is not clear. It is a novel which puts forward a particular hypothesis about Mary Magdalen as a fact and weaves a fairly intricate web of codes around the basic story, which the novel promotes as ‘the truth’ suppressed by the Church.

It is certainly significant that the novel appears now, at this point in time in the history of mankind. For the true story of Mary Magdalen does indeed relate to Codes, but whereas The Da Vinci Code is concerned with the supposed survival of her ephemeral body, the real Codes, the Alpha and Omega Codes, are concerned with the survival of what really matters – her soul. Her spirit has been able to transcend time and link into Jenny’s mind, and more latterly into mine, to give mankind the true story of Christ. What is more, she comes now to warn of the impending End Times for mankind. Her story, the true Gospel According to Mary Magdalen, is not the story of the vicarious sacrifice of Jesus dying for the sins of others, upon which the Christian Church has based its doctrines. Nor is it the alternative ‘truth’ of The Da Vinci Code, the feminist religion with its secret societies and sacred rituals like ‘hieros gamos’ but with little concern for real spirituality and none for God.

The real story of Mary and Christ is much more mundane. This was the Mary who mattered to Christ – the real Mary. She was not a virgin – she’d been a whore. There is no biblical reference to Mary Magdalen having been a prostitute. Simon Cox, in Cracking the Da Vinci Code, states surprisingly categorically ‘One thing we can say for certain: the long held belief that Mary Magdalen was a repentant prostitute is a false one.’ How can he be so sure it is false?

Pope Gregory I, in 572 AD, is reported to be the origin of the association of Mary Magdalen with prostitution. But perhaps this was not an error, as the critics claim. Perhaps it is a rare example of God’s inspiration illuminating the edicts of a Bishop of Rome. The descendents of St. Peter, like the organisation they lead, are more notable for concern with earthly wealth, control and power than divine inspiration.

For the truth is that Mary was indeed a repentant prostitute. That is so very clear from Mary’s own story. The Catholic Church’s recanting of this teaching in 1969 is just another error.

There was no Christmas story, no virgin birth, no wise men, no angels, no slaughter of the holy innocents – just a boy who was a bit different, who gradually became aware of his destiny in life – to do his Father’s Work. That brought him into conflict with the powers-that-be. He was inspired by the Source of Intelligence that transcends space and time, that caused Mary’s spirit to come to us in April 1986 to give the world the real story of Christ – before the End comes – so that the world might understand why.

By a strange ‘coincidence’ though, the fictional Da Vinci Code, although a recent novel, has included many elements of our own real experiences in our unravelling of the Alpha and Omega Codes over the past twenty years, experiences which inter-weave the stories of both Mary Magdalen and Ankhsoun-pa-Aten. Is this an example of inspiration, meaningful coincidence and true symbolism?

As for the bones of Mary Magdalen, no one knows where they rest. And it is almost certain that no one ever will. Of one thing I am sure, that they do not reside in Paris, the south of France, Rosslyn Chapel, the Temple Church, or any of the other sites of tenuous legend. If they have not yet crumbled to dust, rotted in the ground, they lie somewhere in Palestine in an unmarked grave. She was a woman who counted for nothing – the common law wife of a man who blasphemed Jehovah, a man who paid the ultimate price for that sin. Why should anyone care about the body of a former whore? The truth is – they didn’t. And her bones would tell us even less than will the bones of Tutankhamun.

How laughable are so many of the many biographies now, stories that she was rich in her own right, co-founder of a new religious movement. For Mary’s spirit tells us the truth. She was poor all her life – in material terms, anyway. The only riches she had were the riches of the spirit when Christ led her to understand about Elohim. And her bones matter not one iota. Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust….. It is her spirit that matters – not her earthly body – or what little remains of it. As for documents regarding her marriage, there are none, because there was no marriage – not according to the laws of man, anyway.

So read what she has to say. Read Mary, Daughter of Elohim - The True Gospel According to Mary Magdalen. Read what she says about the man the Church has turned into God. The Da Vinci Code is correct in one respect, at least. It suggests that the Church has corrupted the story of Christ and that certainly is true. But The Da Vinci Code claims the Church has done this by suppressing the role of woman – the Sacred Feminine.

But what the Church has really done is suppress the role of God. The Church has created its own god – a god in human form. The Christian priests have repeated the error of the priests of Amun almost two millennia before them. The priests of Amun claimed Amun was identically equal to Ra. The wheel has gone full circle.

The Christian priests have taken a man and made him into a god. The priests of Amun created Amun-Ra. The Christian priests, with the able assistance of the first marketing executive in history, St. Paul, with his superior product of Salvation, created the god who died for their sins - Jesus the Lamb. So we are back to the ram, transformed into the lamb, the sacrifice for the sins of men? It has much more marketing appeal than the God who judges His creation. Naturally, the advertisers flocked - the Bishops of the early church bought into Paul’s ‘product’ – definitely prime time stuff.

The real truth of Christ’s message of personal responsibility and ultimate Judgement is much less palatable to the pleasure seekers, the profit seekers, and the power seekers who make up such a significant and influential proportion of humanity’s six billion souls today.

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5. Royal Bloodlines
So, rather strangely, in a roundabout way, The Da Vinci Code has managed, in a novel, to include by chance - or is it by a kind of inspiration? - many key elements of the Alpha and Omega Codes, around a story that is pure fiction. And the pure fiction is not just Sophie and Langdon, the trained symbologist. The fiction is that Mary’s body survived and that there was a child to create a royal bloodline. But two royal bloodlines do indeed feature in The Alpha and Omega Codes – the first is the Pharaohs of Egypt and the second the bloodline of the kings of England, from Henry VI through Edward VIII to George VI.

The Egyptian royal blood line does indeed link to a Son of God, Akhenaten, the one who came before Christ, with the same message from the same God.

And as for the kings of England, the Alpha and Omega Codes have strong warnings for the Heir Apparent, messages he has ignored since 1986 when we first tried to interest him in the results of our research. However, he did pay me for my services in 1991 when I was an ‘official adviser’, ‘by appointment’ as it were, on waste water treatment. But I only got a cheque for my services instead of a plaque. The cheque was for £229 – but the price was his throne. For this is another man who has betrayed his queen and his God – in another church off Fleet Street, just up Ludgate Hill.

Was it just pure chance, or were his words truly inspired during his marriage ceremony on 29th July 1981? The words were supposed to be from the Book of Common Prayer but he made it uncommon. Perhaps it was his idea of the Royal Prerogative. The Archbishop gave him the words to repeat ‘And all my worldly goods with thee I share’. Instead, he spoke the truth. The words he actually said were ‘And all THY worldly goods with thee I share’. He gave nothing to the marriage.

She gave everything to start with and then gradually, as she came to learn the truth, she turned away. And her spirit, too, is part of the Alpha and Omega Codes. Diana has spoken at length to us  of her pain within the Royal Family, particularly in the weeks and months following her death. And verification that it is indeed her spirit is to be found in many very meaningful coincidences surrounding our experiences in the real world of space and time. One of her comments about the Windsors stuck very firmly in my mind. "They make ice seem warm and caring."

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6. Fact and Fiction – Strange Cross-Connections
Although I wrote my first web page on The Da Vinci Code on 10th August 2004, I had not at that point read the novel. I had merely read newspaper reviews and magazine articles about the book and seen one TV programme. I realised it was concerned with the supposed ‘true’ story of Mary Magdalen and therefore I felt that it must be relevant to our work. I had bought the book on 31st May 2004 but it wasn’t until August that I was able to find time to read it. Perhaps that was the time I was meant to read it. I did so gradually over a couple of weeks. Jenny and I are both kept very busy working on the writing or production of at least half a dozen books, as well as updating daily our coincidence research and recording all the psychic information that floods in. And I have to earn a living in waste water treatment, too. But even in the latter, the Codes come back on a daily basis, almost to the point of haunting me, so intricately cross-connected is everything. And daily the evidence accumulates for the veracity of my theories.

What I was not prepared for, when I came to read the book, were the myriad cross-connections in Paris between scenes in The Da Vinci Code and parallel experiences of our own in Paris, spread over three visits between 1986 and 1993.

The Da Vinci Code begins with a death in The Louvre, that of the curator, Jacques Saunière. In June 1986, shortly after the spirit of Ankhsoun-pa-Aten was caused to come to give us her story, a series of meaningful coincidences caused me to conclude we were being asked to go to The Louvre in Paris. It was on that first night in Paris that Ankhsoun told us of her death at the hands of the Priests of Amun. The next day we went to The Louvre to see the statues of her father, Akhenaten and his daughter. But did we have to go to Paris in 1986 to make the link to Royal Death in Paris, which in 1997 was to become such an important element in The Enigma Codes of Destiny, the Alpha and Omega Codes, with the murder of Princess Diana?

In The Da Vinci Code, the scene shifts to the Church of St. Sulpice and another murder. Our second visit to Paris revolved around three Paris churches, Sacré Coeur, the Madeleine and Notre Dame. It was in the Church of the Madeleine that the key event took place on the morning of 17th November 1991. It happened to be the 100th anniversary, to the day, of the arrival of the first ever expedition to Akhenaten’s city at Tel el Amarna. The Madeleine is probably also the largest church in Christendom dedicated to Mary Magdalen. Whereas churches dedicated to the mother of Christ are very numerous, those to the woman who really mattered in his life are few. Once again, we were being shown that there was a powerful inter-connection between Akhenaten and Christ.

On that particular morning, we had been walking across Paris on our way to Notre Dame. We found the Madeleine ‘by accident’. A Mass was in progress. We went in and sat at the back. Jenny heard the words in French…’les étoiles tomberont du ciel’….. and turned to me and said "It is about the stars falling from heaven - the End of the World – sounds like Revelation.

After the service, we went to ask a priest for the Bible reference for the reading. The net result of that enquiry was my being asked to read the Lesson at the next Mass at 12.30 pm. So I stood up high in that great church and read the account of the signs that would foretell the End of the World! Was that chance – or was it inspiration? What made the priest decide to give me an active part in the service? Was it the Voice of God? For the signs of the End of the World are what my work was all about.

Meaningful coincidences are being used by God to warn us of His existence, to show that there is a Source of Intelligence, a Power that knows the future with incredible precision. One example is how we were given the exact details in a real Code for the Lockerbie air disaster three weeks before it happened. Another example is how were told, on 16th/17th August 1997, of Princess Diana’s impending execution. The Codes indicated 1st September, because I chose the wrong time zone. GMT would have given 31st August.

If you read Mary Magdalen’s true story Mary, Daughter of Elohim, you will see that she warns strongly of the Wrath of God coming to man. She warns of the coming End Times. That story was given to us in April 1986 – five years before the striking coincidences at the Church of the Madeleine that November morning.

In many ways, that message was confirmed by the strange circumstances that led to our being in the Madeleine that morning. We had only gone to Paris because of the Lockerbie air disaster and the US government falsely accusing two Libyans of involvement in a non-existent crime. There was no bomb. The aircraft was destroyed because of incompetence. The whole of the Lockerbie enquiry was a tissue of lies – like the weapons of mass destruction upon which the most recent British-American fiasco is based.

We went to Paris to visit the Libyan Embassy. There was no longer an embassy in London. So, because of the Lockerbie air disaster and our involvement in its unfolding, we were in Paris that Sunday and I read that Lesson. The full story of the gradual evolving of the Alpha and Omega Codes will be found in Volume I of The Alpha and Omega Codes – The Philosopher’s Grail.

There are many other strange parallels between The Alpha and Omega Codes and The Da Vinci Code. Dan Brown manages to transpose the geography of Paris for some inexplicable reason, and in so doing, makes his novel fit better with The Alpha and Omega Codes. He has Sophie and Langdon, the trained symbologist, heading west from Gare St. Lazare, through the Bois de Boulogne, to a destination in north-east Paris!

It was from a hotel beside Gare St. Lazare that we began our walk on that November Sunday morning which was to take us to the Madeleine. Our boat train had arrived in Paris shortly after 6 am and we could not get into a hotel before noon so we had left our cases in the station left luggage office on the Saturday morning. Left luggage lockers were once the poor man’s safe deposit box. And after leaving St. Lazare, Sophie and Langdon found themselves on their way to open a safe deposit box in rue Haxo, via the Bois de Boulogne.

The Libyan Embassy is just beside the Bois de Boulogne. Its address was No. 2 rue Charles Lamoureux. Also the Duke of Windsor had a villa in the Bois de Boulogne. It was his spirit that came to warn, in August 1997, of the consequences to Mohamed al Fayed if he sold off the Duke’s possessions.

The Duke’s wish was that his possessions be returned to England. But Fayed did what he wanted, as he always does – for the moment. But it did not turn out as he expected. And nor will his Judgement, when that comes at the time of God’s choosing.

The Duke warned. We passed the warning on to Fayed, specifically at the Duke’s request. Fayed, or his minions, or both, chose to ignore the warning.

Diana and his son Dodi died within two weeks of the Duke’s warning to Fayed – in fact, little more than 24 hours after the deadline had expired. Dodi was in the wrong place, at the wrong time, with the wrong woman. His starlets were safer. The real target was Diana. He was just collateral damage. And why was it necessary for Diana to be executed? Diana had to die because she knew too much that would sink the Windsors. And in stark contrast to them, she was popular with the people. They could not afford to lose control of her.

Fayed ignored the warning – and paid the price. He raised a large sum of money from selling the Duke’s possessions to set up a fund to perpetuate the memory of a son whose mark in the world would most kindly be described as minimal – a financier of Chariots of Fire – and a friend of starlets. To do this worthy task, he scattered amongst the rich of America a valuable collection of Royal artefacts which should have been kept together in Britain.

Diana’s marriage had failed, her marriage to the ‘heir apparent’, Charles, Prince of Wales. Charles Lamoureux, indeed! It means amorous Charles – Charles the lover. It had been in November 1991 that we had gone to No. 2 rue Charles Lamoureux to the Libyan Embassy. It was not until August 1997 that the consequences of ‘Charles L’amoureux’ were to become apparent……in Paris. Was it not Charles and his lover, Camilla Parker Bowles, with their affair before, during and after his marriage, who had really put the nails in Diana’s coffin? This brings us back to the Bois de Boulogne. The Duke of Windsor had been the Prince of Wales before Charles. His home for the last twenty years of his life had been his villa in the Bois de Boulogne. It was almost the last place Diana was ever to visit on the last fateful Saturday of her life.

And, of course, Diana’s coffin did end up in Westminster Abbey, albeit briefly, as does The Da Vinci Code. Langdon and Sophie are led to the tomb of Newton, supposedly for his role as Grand Master of the Priory of Sion. But Newton is best remembered for his genuine connections – with the laws of physics. He explained the basis of light – that white light is a combination of all the colours. He split white light into the spectrum – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet – the colours of the rainbow. This brings us right back to our first trip to Paris and the rainbow in June 1986 through which our train sped for mile, after mile, after mile, a few hours before Ankhsoun told us of her death and going to see her father standing under the arch –‘all the colours that God has made’.

The Rainbow is a key element in our work. See the article The Real Rainbow News. It links the rainbow to both Mary Magdalen and Ankhsoun, just as Paris links these two women to Diana.

And if you want a final curious coincidence, there is even a parallel character to Sophie in the Alpha and Omega Codes. We met a young French woman who became quite interested in our work. She visited us in Epsom a few times and was fascinated by Mary’s story. She translated it into French. And it was at her invitation, in late August 1993, that led to our being in Paris on 1st September 1993, on the night of the full moon…..That night we traced Diana’s death route, in reverse, along the Seine, past Pont d’Alma, to the Place de la Concorde and the Madeleine.

But there the parallel ends. This young Frenchwoman wasn’t interested in Codes at all……Like most women, she could not relate to numbers. She was just drawn to the story of Mary.

Finally, there is a link in the Scottish Borders. Rosslyn Chapel, supposed once the location of the Grail according to The Da Vinci Code, is in the Scottish Borders, south of Edinburgh. It was just a little further to the south in the Borders, near Kelso, that our dramatic Lockerbie experiences took place in December 1988.

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7. The Grail and The End of Days
One theme in The Da Vinci Code (p 358) is that the Grail documents, the true story of Mary Magdalen, will be released at the End of Days.

It is claimed by Brown that the Church refers to a transitional period between the Astrological Ages of Pisces and Aquarius as ‘the End of Days’. This is supposedly a time when man will learn the truth and be able to think for himself !! However, as the Christian churches – Catholic, Protestant or Eastern Orthodox – are not noted for their interest in Astrology, it is unclear how this ‘End of Days’ reference can relate to ‘the Church’. Sophie is closer to the mark – a lot closer – when she queries "As in the End of the World? The Apocalypse?"

But of course Langdon corrects her ‘common misconception’. Teabing points out that many ‘Grail scholars’ expected the release of the Sangreal (Holy Grail) documents to coincide with the Millennium and speculates that the Church would prefer to destroy the Grail rather than have the truth emerge. "The past will be erased for ever."

Of course, that is based on the assumption that we can only know the past from physical documents. But there is another way we can know the past – because it is clear that a spirit can survive death and, on very rare occasions, communicate with certain people in this world. And this is precisely what has happened in our case. The spirit of Mary Magdalen has been sent to communicate the true story of Christ by linking into Jenny’s mind.

So, the destruction by the Church of some archaeological treasure trove is irrelevant, even in the unlikely event of such material actually existing.

In the penultimate chapter of the book, on page 581, Langdon listens to Marie Chauvel’s lecture about the Grail. It must be remembered that she is the High Priestess of the Cult of the Priory of Sion, being the wife of the dead Master Jacques Saunière. Langdon asks her if the Church was not pressuring her husband to release the Grail documents for the End of Days. Her response is that "The End of Days is a legend of paranoid minds." This response suggests that she is also suffering from the common misconception to which Sophie alluded, i.e. that the ‘End of Days’ refers to the Apocalypse. How could the change from Pisces to Aquarius be considered ‘A legend of paranoid minds’? She then states that the Grail documents should never be unveiled. This is a particularly convenient view if these documents do not, in fact, exist. She explains that "For some the Grail is a chalice that will give them everlasting life. For others, it is a quest for lost documents and secret history. For most, it is simply a grand idea…..a glorious, unattainable treasure that, somehow, in a world of chaos, inspires us."

It sounds very much as though the first two derive from myths or legends lost in the mists of time. The third example is classic New Age waffle. Langdon is concerned that the story of Mary Magdalen will be lost forever. But the High Priestess assures him that her story is being told "in art, music and books – More so every day"……"we are beginning to sense the need to restore the sacred feminine."

But these stories are nothing but fiction, pure fiction, romanticising the so-called sacred feminine. They have nothing whatsoever to do with the real story of Mary Magdalen and even less to do with the real story of Christ – or would it be better, perhaps more accurate, to call him Stephen?

The High Priestess leads Langdon into Rosslyn Chapel to show him what he has failed to grasp. The female chalice and the male ‘blade’ fused as one – A Star of David – where the male and female deities, Yahweh and Shakinah , were thought to dwell – in the Holy of Holies – supposedly marking where the Grail once lay.

What could be further from the true story of Mary Magdalen? The man she loved died because he denied that Yahweh, or Jehova, the tribal deity of the Hebrews, was God. He tried to tell the people that Elohim had contempt for their sacrifices and for their hypocrisy – and doubtless for the priests most of all.

But Dan Brown has inadvertently hit on one very significant element in the Alpha and Omega Codes which, in themselves, authenticate the story given to us by the spirit of Mary Magdalen.

Mary’s story – her true story – is indeed meant to be made known to the world at the End of Days. But it is the real End Times – not the ‘Change Times’, to which my article in the New Zealand Rainbow News in October 2004 was ‘altered’. It is the time of the Apocalypse. And over the past month, it has become clear that that time is now at hand. It has been in the early days of January 2005, 1/05, that it has become clear that the End times have finally begun – it is Chapter 105 in The Da Vinci Code.

The idea came to me a few days ago to find out the date that The Da Vinci Code was published. It turns out to be 1st March 2003. It is an interesting choice of day. 1-03-03. 103 in the Alpha and Omega Codes refers, of course to Pan Am 103, a key example of coded prophecy. For was not Pan Am 103 The Six O’Clock Bus? 303 is also an important Code.

But perhaps the most significant thing about the date is its number. It is the 60th day of the year. 2003 is not a leap year. But in a leap year, the 60th day is 29th February, 2-29 in US dating. It is the particular coincidence of this date which is the basic element of the plot of The Seventh Sign. So again, inadvertently, there is a strong but hidden link back to the real ‘End of Days’.

Our first website was published six weeks later, on 14th April 2003, which is significant for various related reasons.

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