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15. SETI and the Sentinel of Eternity

Usr Maat Ra, Powerful Truth of Ra. That was what Ramses called himself on the monolith, the obelisk, the Sentinel of Eternity, which stands in the Place de la Concorde in Paris. I have chosen to use the analogy of the monolith because of its link to the key element in 2001, A Space Odyssey – and because it has multiple layers of meaning. Arthur C. Clarke originally wrote the story The Sentinel of Eternity for a 1948 BBC short story competition. It passes unnoticed. But the story, later published as The Sentinel, was the acorn from which the oak tree of ‘2001’ sprang. The basic theme is that the Sentinel is silent evidence of a higher source of intelligence that has left it there to see what lower creatures will make of it, rather as God sees what man will make of His gifts and His laws and His guidance.

For God is very much the Higher Intelligence which orchestrates meaningful coincidence to indicate that there is more to reality than the material world of space and time. It was in July 1990, just after returning from Akhenaten’s city, that I realised that my coincidence research represents the world’s first successful SETI project – NASA’s acronym for The Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence. There is, after all, coherence in the coded messages of meaningful coincidence – reality in real symbolism, not artificially constructed by novelists. And the NASA telescopes and computers are looking for just that – coherence in the random noise signals emanating from an uncaring mechanical universe.

Of course, SETI also brings us back to Egypt. Seti was the father of Ramses II. He is noted, not for his obelisks, but for his Line of Kings. It is a list of all the kings of Egypt and is to be found in Seti’s temple at Abydos. It is the first recorded example of a powerful ruler, rather like George W. Bush, someone who is happy to distort truth for his own ends whilst claiming to be doing the will of God.

For Seti’s King List is a lie. It was written by the Priests of Amun who had expunged Akhenaten, Tutankhamun and Ankh-kheperura from the pages of history, as well as Hatshepsw before them. The people never existed. But the truth, of course, is that they did – unlike the weapons of mass destruction.

Akhenaten did exist. And he is even mentioned in another of Arthur C. Clarke’s inspired novels – Imperial Earth. Like The Da Vinci Code, this is another novel with an astonishing number of curious cross-links to The Alpha and Omega Codes. Imperial Earth revolves around the celebrations to mark the 500th anniversary of the American Declaration of Independence in 2276. It is set on Titan, the moon of Jupiter. And is it just coincidence that this Christmas marked the final stages of the first NASA mission to Titan? On Christmas Eve 2004, the Huyghens probe was detached from the Cassini spacecraft to begin its three week journey to the surface of Titan.

Within little over 24 hours, the earthquake struck, triggering the tidal waves. One of the countries which was hardest hit was Sri Lanka, formerly Ceylon and in earlier times, Serendip. The first ever book on meaningful coincidence was one written by Horace Walpole in 1754 – The Princes of Serendip. It was an account of fortuitous coincidences that shaped their destiny. Serendip is Ceylon and ‘serendipity has become synonymous with meaningful coincidence. Followers of Jung prefer to use the term ‘synchronicity’ to describe such experiences.

And Ceylon, Sri Lanka, has long been the home of Arthur C. Clarke. He himself has, for very many years, been fascinated by meaningful coincidence. But his biographer does not even see fit to mention it – unscientific. Yet this interest is so obvious from references in his books. Arthur and I have actually corresponded on these matters over a number of years.

It was on 17th January 2005 that the New Zealand Herald carried the reports of the landing on Titan. 17th January 1991 marked the first proof of my theories of coded messages in meaningful coincidence. 17th January 1991 to 17th January 2005 is 14 years precisely, or 2 x 2557 days. The Codes do indeed converge. See Volume II of The Alpha and Omega Codes – A Code Convergence.

Titan is the name of the ship in Futility, Morgan Robertson’s inspired novel which, in 1898, uncannily mirrored the story of the loss of the Titanic in 1912. Titan is the name of the supercomputer which calculates when the End of the World will come in Raymond Leonard’s inspired novel about the End of the World - The Nostradamus Inheritance. I found my first copy of this latter novel in a charity shop in Salisbury on 23rd August 1991. There was also then the very powerful theme of The Writing on the Wall – both for the House of Windsor and ultimately for the whole of mankind. It was as a result of reading that novel that the idea came to me on that Sunday morning in Paris in November 1991 that we should walk to Notre Dame Cathedral. But, the result was that, instead, we found the Church of the Madeleine – opposite the Sentinel of Eternity – and I was asked to read the Lesson warning of the signs of the End of the World.

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16. Past and Future
And what lies ahead? What can The Da Vinci Code tells us of the future? The Da Vinci Code promulgates erroneous theories of the past, so what of value could it possibly tell us of the future? Dan Brown has chosen to ally himself with these erroneous theories of the past, despite the strong elements of inspiration in parts of his work.

What has The Da Vinci Code to say about events of the modern world? – the Lockerbie air disaster, Princess Diana’s murder – or should I say execution, although one cannot tell for certain if it was a ‘royal warrant’. But perhaps, if was, its original author has already gone to Judgement. 11.48.02. What has The Da Vinci Code to say about the first Gulf War, the Twin towers or the latest American revenge for the Twin Towers on people who had nothing to do with it?

The answer is, of course, nothing, because that novel is concerned with dead codes, devised by dead men – or fictional codes produced by the author, relating only to a mythical story about Mary Magdalen and the Holy Grail. It has no wider context. In contrast, The Alpha and Omega Codes are devised by an active Intelligence which is always communicating, day in and day out – always a live update and warning of what is to come – The End.

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17. The Second Seal
The interconnectedness in the real world of The Alpha and Omega Codes beggars belief. Imperial Earth is based on the 500th anniversary of American Independence. But the anniversary that matters is not T=500, but T=228, then T=229. That time is now.

The First Seal has been opened. The Second Seal will pour out the wrath of God on the nation that thinks it is the most powerful force on earth. To each according to his ways. 11.42.13 They put their faith in technology. They think they control the power of God. The power of the atom is under their control. But man should not seek to control such power unless he can be certain of perfection, and not just technical perfection either, because the price is too high.

Who can tell what will be the train of events that will bring to pass the events described so completely by Alexander Sidar III in his 1980 novel The Dorset Disaster – for that novel is every bit as inspired as was Futility. It is a warning of what lies ahead for that most arrogant nation. Whether it be in Year 228 of its existence, a year that began on 4th July 2004, or in Year 229, which begins on 4th July 2005, make no mistake, the End is coming for America – a nation that truly mocks God with its corrupt president and its people who voted, by a majority, for ‘principles’ – for the only principles that concern them - the ones that bring their own ‘security’ and their inalienable right to enrich themselves by exploiting the rest of the planet.

So, sit back and wait for the Dorset Disaster. Think carefully about Sumatra and User-Maat-Ra, the symbols you probably cannot read on the ‘Sentinel of Eternity’ unless you are an Egyptologist – or at least, as Budge dismissively called Howard Carter ‘a student of Egyptology’ when he wrote an obituary note on Carter’s death in 1939. 11.57.40-41-42

Usr-Maat-Ra – Powerful Truth of Ra – for in the Sumātra earthquake is to be seen the powerful truth of Ra. In The Alpha and Omega Codes, 226 is the Code for Ra. The earthquake occurred in US dating on 12.26.04, at 7.58 am local time. Look at all the hypocrisy. Yes, some help. Lots of ordinary people around the world are moved to send money. But the governments squabble, the American military are keen to score points over the United Nations…….it’s all a PR charade. What a change for the deliverer of death to become an angel of mercy! The cap does not fit well at all. Soon they will have worries much closer to home in the ‘Land of the free and home of the brave’. For, as D.H. Lawrence perceptively observed in 1926, ‘they are neither brave nor free’. It is just another myth.

Rev. 12.45 pm 6/2/05

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Note: Hurricane Katrina came on 29th August 2005, less than seven months after I wrote this. It came dead on time, in year229 of America's existence, week 7.  Code 2297, an early sign of the Justice of God for America.  (10:50pm 2-26-15)

18. The Prince’s Choice
The only clue forthcoming from The Alpha and Omega Codes as to a time for the ‘Dorset Disaster’ is that it will be contemporaneous with the final crisis for the Prince of Wales. 5.57.26 .  558 is a crossover code linking death, Egypt and the Muslim world to nuclear disaster.

The Code is common, time now 5.58.03, The destiny Code in Diana’s passport was  12558D pointing to her fate: death, Egypt and the Muslim world.  And she was murdered in accordance with ' Alternative 3'

The Prince of Wales is under the illusion he can do as he pleases. But the laws of man preclude a criminal from benefiting from the proceeds of his crime. The position of the Prince of Wales is no different. His behaviour is morally contemptible. The Laws of God preclude the Prince of Wales from benefiting from his moral hypocrisy, despite the compliance of a church which has turned away from God and courted instead popularity, seeking the lowest common denominator

His choice is not any different from that of his less immoral predecessor. Will it be the throne or the woman he cannot live without? On April 8th, he takes the woman. His mother, the Queen, the Archbishop and the Prime Minister assure him he can have both.

The Alpha and Omega Codes reveal the truth – that he cannot.

On April 8th, the vows which, presumably, he intends to keep, unlike the ones he took in St. Paul’s Cathedral on 29th July 1981, will end his hopes of becoming King. But by marrying his mistress first, he will not change the outcome. Under the new arrangement, his mistress will not become Queen – supposedly the first morganatic marriage in the history of the British monarchy. But, nor will he become King. 11.22.25

What will the cry be this time? Not ‘Dad made me do it!’ as in October 1994. Will it be ‘Teflon Tony made me do it’?

Now he must make his final choice. He has set a date. He has been determined to get his own way. She is ‘not negotiable’. He will have her as his wife and he will have the throne. But The Alpha and Omega Codes indicate with clarity that he cannot have both.

So now he must abandon his ‘love’, whatever ‘love’ means, betraying yet another woman – or abandon his throne. That is the Choice he will make on April 8th.

The links to Edward VIII are inescapable. The laws of man – the ‘moral codes’ – may have relaxed since 1936. Now anything goes – but not with God. This man, this high-born prince, born to a life of privilege and excess, has been a good example of ‘do as I say, not as I do’. Now his corrupt church is willing to bless his ungodly union.

But blessings from a priest more concerned with politics and doing the bidding of the Prime Minister than with God is not the same as a blessing from God. Their relationship is damned before God. His insistence on maintaining his relationship with that woman destroyed his marriage. It was perhaps an omen of things to come when, in November 1965, he played the lead in Macbeth in his school play. For Macbeth, a weak man, is led by a scheming woman onto the wrong path. It seems that the last two Princes of Wales have shared a common weakness – they both appear to have needed a dominant mistress, to fulfil a wife/mother role. Does this relate to the total lack of any affection in their own childhoods from either mother or father? The lack of a mother seems to have been particularly critical. It was an affliction from which both men suffered.

Edward VIII only married his mistress after he abdicated. Charles, instead, married a woman who would complement his mistress. It was his first mistake, in thinking he could have both.

There are many uncanny parallels between the two Princes of Wales which are discussed in our book Belshazzar’s Feast, together with many strange, thought-provoking coincidences. One example is Earl Spencer. He was the father of Princess Diana, father-in-law to Charles. And another Earl Spencer was the first husband of Wallis Simpson, mistress of Edward, Prince of Wales, mistress of King Edward VIII, but wife only of the Duke of Windsor.

He could not have both, any more than can his successor.

The International Edition of the British Daily Express for the week of 7-13th December 2004 carried an article ‘Should every Prince of Wales take a Mistress?’ It is, of course, merely a serendipitous coincidence of timing that it was actually ‘Abdication Week’ when the paper appeared in Australia and New Zealand. It was on 10th December 1936 that Edward VIII signed the Instrument of Abdication. The newspaper is a summary of articles from the previous week’s British editions, so it is not surprising that the actual date was not referred to, significant as it was. In fact, the largest photograph was that of Edward and Mrs Simpson. Our copy comes by post from Australia and actually arrived on 10th December.

The article looked at Princes of Wales since the foundation of the order in 1301. Charles is 21st on the list. It suggests that Princes of Wales who took mistresses statistically did better as kings than those who did not.

Morally righteous ones, such as Charles I or Henry VI, tended to ‘get themselves executed’ – although Henry VI was actually murdered.

However, the article was sketchy and contains significant errors but it caused me to look up the details of the Princes of Wales. The most glaring error was in connection with Henry VI. For although Henry VI was indeed intensely interested in religion and education, he was never Prince of Wales. His father, who became Henry V, had been 4th Prince of Wales (1399-1413) and his son was the 5th Prince of Wales (1454-71).

The order got off to a bad start with the first Prince of Wales. Edward II, as he became on ascending the throne was not addicted to religion like Henry VI, nor did he have a high-minded view of marital fidelity like Charles I. He came to a nasty end because he was fond of men in tights. His wife took a lover and they murdered Edward at Berkley Castle in 1327.

Of course, not all Princes of Wales took mistresses, but seven out of twenty-one never ascended the throne at all – and perhaps that will soon be eight. The Church of England only came about through one such example of the latter. Arthur, Prince of Wales, married Catherine of Aragon in St. Paul’s Cathedral on 4th November 1501. He died on 2nd April 1502, in Ludlow. Much wrangling ensued and the normally slow processes of Rome were not helped by the year 1503 being marked by three popes, Alexander VI, Pius III andJulius II. Eventually a dispensation from Leviticus was granted by Rome to Henry and Catherine was  passed on to his brother, who became Henry VIII in 1509. This takes us on to the subsequent attempts at the annulment of the marriage to allow Henry to marry Anne Boleyn and the consequent establishment of the Church of England.

A strange coincidence occurred whilst I was checking the dates of Prince Arthur after a final check before publishing this site for the first time on 28th February 2005, 2-28-05. This linked directly to the Da Vinci Code  'In London lies a knight a pope interred'. But more importantly it would appear to link to now, as the world awaits the death of the present Pope. Is this curious coincidence meant to indicate that his successor will be short-lived fulfilling Malachl's prediction of the last pope for the End Times? For more see Live Update 3

The old cathedral of St Pauls was destroyed in  the Great Fire of London of 1666. St. Paul’s was rebuilt by Wren, in its novel but now familiar form between 1675 and 1710. The next marriage of a Prince of Wales in the new St. Paul’s Cathedral was on 29th July 1981, when Charles married Diana – and Arthur is one of Charles’ names – Charles Philip Arthur George. Now the same Church of England has been happy to amend its principles to fit in with the tangled and selfish love life of its Supreme Governor-to-be.

Edward IV, who had arranged the murder of Henry VI, had to admit after his coronation that he was already married to his mistress. His young son very briefly Edward V, was one of the murdered ‘princes in the tower’. George IV, too, whilst still Prince of Wales, was forced to admit he had married a commoner, Mrs Fitzherbert. There is a plaque in Epsom, Surrey, over a solicitor’s office marking her former abode. This liaison produced the Royal Marriages Act of 1772. He subsequently officially married Princess Caroline who was famously excluded from his coronation in 1820 after a trial for her adultery and a squabble reminiscent of Charles and Diana. He ended his days childless, lonely and reviled.

Then, of course, there was Edward and Wallis Simpson. They married in France on 3rd June 1937. He spent the next 35 years regretting it, surrounding himself with relics of his former life and filling his days with an empty jet-set lifestyle which kept only his wife happy.

The article concluded that, if a Prince of Wales actually marries his mistress, he’s sunk.

Whilst reading those words about the Prince of Wales being sunk, a strangely relevant connection came into my mind. I am reminded of an macarbre coincidence contained within those very words. King Edward VII, 20th Prince of Wales abdicated on 10th December 1936.  The  Royal Navy battleship HMS Prince of Wales was sunk along with with HMS Repulse off Malaya by the Japanese on 10th December 1941. It had barely been in service a year (Note added 2-28-05 - 1114am)

But there are other Prince of Wales connections to consider. Two Princes of Wales met untimely ends on the throne. Edward II was murdered and Charles I was executed. Two Princes of Wales abdicated, James II on 11th December 1688, Edward VIII on 10th December 1936. The formal announcement was made by John Major in the House of Commons on 9th December 1992 of the separation of Charles and Diana. Diana was murdered in a car with the registration number TLV 688 75. No – Charles will never be crowned King of England. There is a Higher Justice. Divine right is a myth but Divine Justice is not. There is a very precise Web of Destiny crafted by the Sentinel of Eternity.

I didn’t actually come to find that newspaper until 23rd December. It was perhaps at the back of my mind on Christmas morning as I lay in the bath. Then I became aware of another spirit linking into my mind. Gradually, it became clear that it was the spirit of Henry VI. He spoke at some length, quite critical of modern man and his supposedly superior way of life. He spoke much of God’s Judgement and spoke of the Prince of Wales. At one point, whilst Jenny was writing down what he said, she broke off to go into the kitchen to check the progress of the roast beef – our Christmas dinner. She found a very strange meltdown ‘accident’ on the top of the cooker. See Live Update 3.

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19. The False Knight and The Last Judgement
For some reason, the theme of nuclear accident appears to be very precisely cross-linked in time with the demise of the Prince of Wales, KG, KT – Knight of the Garter, Knight of the Thistle – meaningless titles, really.

False knight, false prince. Now he makes his final choice on April 8th 2005. Then he will receive a blessing from a false priest in the name of a false god – the one who died for his sins.

What changes? It could be Tutankhamun and the Priests of Amun. But in the case of the Windsors, the sacrifice was not for a god – it was for a dynasty.

The hypocrisy of the Prince of Wales knows no bounds. If he will not set an example, he will BE an example. He will be an example of God’s Justice . No man is too high and other examples will follow – in God’s good time.

The badge of the Prince of Wales has three ostrich feathers. In his case, perhaps it is a symbol of the three people in his crowded marriage. But only one ostrich feather really matters – for the ostrich feather is the symbol for Maat, daughter of Ra, goddess of truth and justice.

In the Judgement scenes in the Books of the Dead, the heart is shown on one pan of the scales. On the other pan is shown a single ostrich feather – or sometimes a figure of Maat.

The official engagement function took place on Thursday, 10th February, at Windsor Castle. Is it just coincidence that that is the date when John Martin’s great triptych of Judgement paintings first went on display in Newcastle-upon-Tyne - 10th February 1854? He painted them between 1851 and 1853. The three paintings are entitled The Great Day of His Wrath, The Last Judgement and The Plains of Heaven.

John Martin was himself called to God’s Judgement seven days later, dying in the Isle of Man on 17th February 1854. Of course, the modern Royal Family are not noted for their interest in art – horses have been the passion now for three generations. There is only one John Martin painting in the Royal Collection. It is The Eve of the Deluge. It was painted in 1841 and bought by the Prince Consort. It had never been on public display until January 1992, when it was shown for the first time in the Exhibition of the Queen’s Pictures. And 1992 was indeed the year of the deluge. In June the truth came out about Charles and Diana’s sham marriage and in November Windsor Castle burned – a clear warning – which the Windsors ignored. (See Belshazzar’s Feast). ( Read more about The Art of John Martin and John Martin's royal connections on our later site The Airbus Codes (2009) which warn very specifically about God's Judgement awaiting one and all. 9;37pm 2-26-15)

Now on this very significant John Martin exhibition anniversary, we have an announcement that Camilla will never be Queen – but when – or should that not be – if - Charles becomes King, she will be known as the Princess Consort.

John Martin’s Judgement pictures well illustrate what is to come, both in this world and the next, albeit perhaps symbolically. They are very relevant to Mary’s warnings and to the Choice for the Prince of Wales.

The 17th February, and hence John Martin, links also to his predecessor, Edward, and in particular his role as Supreme Governor of the Church of England. In 1995, I found a rare edition of the Bible in an Auckland charity shop. It was a special 1936 King Edward VIII edition. For quite a few years, I searched for a matching Prayer Book – or at least a Prayer Book with the Royal Warrant of Edward VIII. I began to wonder if any were ever produced.

One day in Ellerslie, South Auckland in 1999, I found two old Prayer Books in an antique shop. Both I thought were George V Prayer Books. One was large format, inscribed ‘Christmas 1936’. Edward VIII had just abdicated. I am not quite sure why I bought the other. It was an Oxford University Press one, in very good condition. I supposed it was unusual in that most Prayer Books are black or a dark brown or blue. This was cream leather, with a blue cross on the cover. It did not even have the last Royal Warrant of George V of 8th December 1935, following the death of Alexandra, the Queen Mother. The first Royal Warrant was 12th May 1910. This book was the commonest edition, with the second Royal Warrant of 23rd June 1910, when Edward had been created Prince of Wales.

Later that night, I discovered that this book was probably the nearest I would ever get to an Edward VIII Prayer Book. Gummed into the facing end paper is a temporary Royal Warrant – that of Edward VIII – In Prayers for the King, instead of the word ‘George’, the word ‘Edward’, instead of the words ‘Our Gracious Queen Mary, Edward Prince of Wales, the words ‘Our Gracious Queen Mary, Albert Duke of York, the Duchess of York’ be inserted. Accession Day was now 20th January, instead of 6th May. The Warrant was dated 17th February 1936.

And significantly, that same afternoon, I had just bought the latest copy of the Book of Common Prayer from the Church Stores located just around the corner from this second hand shop. The Royal Warrant on this post 1983 Prayer Book was still dated 26th July 1958, when Charles was created Prince of Wales but the date was clearly a fiction because the prayers referred to the Prince and Princess of Wales, i.e. post July 1981.

Again, a strong physical link was being made in the Coincidence Codes between Charles and Diana and Edward VIII. And it was a link through a Prayer Book – to the Sentinel of Eternity.

Incidentally, the date was 8th October 1999. It was the 32nd anniversary of the day the Prince of Wales went up to Trinity College, Cambridge in 1967. He spent three years at Trinity and completed a degree. George VI as Duke of York had spent one year at Trinity in 1919. It was his father's idea of an adequate education. But, like me, Edward VIII had been at Oxford. He had been at Madgalen College – another curious connection, given the importance of Mary Magdalen in the Codes. And it was this connection which had triggered the first ever communication to us from the Duke of Windsor. In November 1989. He had asked us to write a birthday greeting letter to the Prince of Wales. For full details see our book  Predestination abc or A-Z - A Trainspotters Guide to Destiny


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20. The Doomsday Comet
The news of the engagement of Charles and Camilla came in the morning paper on 11th February in New Zealand. The New Zealand Herald juxtaposed three elements, again purely inadvertently.

The main item was 'Heat wave puts power supplies under threat', with a large photograph of Huntly Power Station on the Waikato River – a little way up from Tuakau. A smaller item to the right is entitled 'Prince Charles to wed Camilla', with a much smaller photograph of the happy couple. Between these two items and the masthead is a promotional banner – 'Holmes – the incredible shrinking audience', referring to a plummeting audience on a new celebrity focussed current affairs programme on Prime TV.

The Holmes banner is a repetitive sequence of gradually reducing pictures of Paul Holmes. My first thought was ‘A Line of Kings’ – which links both to Macbeth and to SETI. But there are 21 images of Holmes - and Charles is the 21st Prince of Wales. So the coincidence shows me that the wedding of Charles and Camilla links inextricably to the question of the succession.

And the link to a power station was, of course, purely coincidental – or was it serendipitously inspired?

And as if to reinforce the connection to John Martin, when I went down to Waikato By Products later that day, the Maddalena meter read 1851 m3. And it was in 1851 that John Martin started work on his ‘End Times’ triptych.  So, on 8th April 2005, the Prince of Wales will make his final choice.

It is now 7.35 pm (1935) on 12th February 2005 as I finish writing this section on the false knight. 1936 approaches… The watch digits counted on ….1935.42…… (11.17.03)

One final thing to ponder. Charles came here to New Zealand just after announcing his engagement to Lady Diana Spencer in 1981. Now he is repeating the sequence. He is coming to New Zealand on 5th March 2005, shortly after the announcement of his engagement to his mistress.

Edward came to New Zealand as Prince of Wales in April 1920. Perhaps Charles is indeed following in his footsteps in more ways than one. His relationship with Camilla Parker Bowles began in earnest in June 1972, very shortly after Charles had attended the funeral service at Windsor of his great uncle, Edward, Duke of Windsor. 19.48.17

Camilla is the Doomsday Comet for the House of Windsor. It was founded in 1917 to avoid a possible revolution. The British, with their German-derived royal family, were at war with Germany. The King, George V, was fighting his cousin, the Kaiser. His other cousin, Tsar Nicholas, was already in trouble in his own country. Lord…….came up with a brilliant solution. The German royal family - the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha – could, at a stroke, become English. How much more English could you get than Windsor?

The proclamation was duly issued. The House of Windsor was born on 17th July 1917. Thirty years later, to the day, Camilla Parker-Bowles was born. On 8th April, Prince Charles, Heir Apparent, makes his Final Choice in marrying this woman. He will end his own hopes of being King and put the final nails in the coffin of the House of Windsor. From Alpha to Omega! There is indeed a destiny in the Codes!

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21. False Knight, False King, False Grail
It would seem that, for some reason, the destinies of the False Knight and the False King are cross-linked in The Alpha and Omega Codes. Is not ‘The Dorset Disaster’ itself an interesting connection? Charles’ architectural adventure is the village of Poundbury in Dorset. The Duchy of Cornwall owns extensive land in Cornwall, Devon and Somerset, Dorset and Wiltshire, as well as parts of London.

Time will tell.

I was reminded of 20th January being Accession Day for Edward VIII when I read of the excesses of the second inauguration of George W. Bush. Edward VIII's accession, of course, came about because of the death of his father, another King George, George V.  America fought to free itself from the corruption of the British class system under King George III. It is clear that it has more than amply replaced this with another entirely of its own making, and at least as corrupt. What would Thomas Jefferson or Thomas Paine think of the new depths which their country has now plumbed.

America threw off the yoke of Mad King George III. Now it is in thrall to Mad King George IV and his court. Yes – his ‘Coronation Day’ spoke volumes for the level of political corruption which is clearly acceptable in that country today. Money certainly talks with a vengeance now. Freedom? Yes, for the rich. The poor can join the army. And  the original King George IV presided over Belshazzar's Feast. It is all very appropriate for it is clear that the writing is now on the wall for the United States of America.

Look what the False King has done to the whole world in the past three years in his pursuit of ‘freedom’ and ‘security’ in his never-ending Orwellian ‘War on Terror’. Everyone else has to pay the price for his following this false Grail. Soon America will pay the price when Justice will finally come.

George Orwell really was inspired – 1984, written in 1948. The Ministry of Truth tells propaganda lies, rather akin to the Pentagon. Eastasia is at war with Eurasia…. On 26th December, the East Asian tidal wave was produced by the earthquake caused by the movement of the Eurasian plate. 1984 was when my research began. Now we have so many elements of George Orwell’s novel in place. We are all constantly under surveillance in offices, banks, airports, petrol station, every main street in Britain. Our purchases are followed on computers. How soon before everyone has to have a security chip embedded – the Sign of the Beast? Wealth is a measure of the abundance God has heaped on a man – to justify their We are all potential terrorist suspects if we dare to criticise, if we dare to voice anti-American sentiments. We are not supposed to be critical of  religions or perverted lifestyles. This is ‘freedom’? It is a world which grows ever more evil with every passing year. It is clear that Mary speaks the truth. Elohim knows man will not change. Elohim knows the moment when He will sweep it all away. So, now we must all wait for the Second Seal. I do not believe it will be long in coming.

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22. Your Choice   
Just coincidence…’s all just ‘chance’……or is it?
You choose!
Take your pick!

The Prince of Wales can choose anything he pleases. He has all the security that earthly position, wealth and power can bring. Watch what happens to him. By then it will be too late.

So make your choice. You can put your trust in Jesus, or Lakshmi, Buddha, the Virgin Mary, men, women, friends, family, or the almighty dollar – but it may not be almighty for long. You can put your faith in Amex or Visa, shares, property or gold, or whatever other safe deposit box you choose for your earthly security. Or you can try to understand the warnings, the real time messages. These are the real Codes which God has chosen to weave in the Web of Destiny over the last 3500 years, but particularly in the last two decades. Time is short. To put it off will be to ‘choose unwisely’.

But, as ever, the choice is yours – for the moment. But remember, at the time of His Choosing, the choice will be His.

So, look at the timeline on the Sentinel of Eternity. Look at the elements in The Da Vinci Code. See how much more complex and intricate are the real Codes of The Alpha and Omega Codes. And see how much more relevant they are to the world of today, the world of tomorrow and the life hereafter.

11.11.11 on 6/2/05 - Accession Day Queen Elizabeth II - death of her father another King George, George VI-

It is also Waitangi Day the anniversary of the treaty between the Maori Chiefs and the British Crown, under the Queen, Empress Victoria in 1840. it is supposedly the New Zealand national day, for what that is worth, more notable as it is in New Zealand for discord than concord.

Revised - 6.10 pm 13/2/05

Postscript:  Seeing that last entry causes me now to realise that I had just begun to read Angels and Demons that very morning, 13th February, 2005.  I did not know it then but that earlier Dan Brown novel is set around the conclave which follows the death of a pope.  And within three weeks of my publishing this page, Pope John Paul II was to be summoned to Judgement by his maker on 2nd April 2005. I actually wrote a letter to him on 14th February and also to Prince Charles warning him of the folly of marrying his mistress Camilla Parker Bowles.

But did the Pope have to linger on until that particular day April  to link back to the lines of the Kings of England and the establishment of the Church of England. It certainly served to fit Dan Browns prophetic setting of the death of a pope in April...  After all Angels and Demons is set in April  and it revolves around obelisks, the obelisks of Rome.  But I did not know that when I designed this site.  I just had a vision of three columns on an obelisk.  But it is all so intricately connected as I have learned as time has passed and the years have ticked by.  

I came to add a few words to bring this up to date by pointing out the obelisk connections in Dan Brown's third symbologist novel The Lost Symbol.  But as I wrote, I recalled so many other destiny elements - see The Lost Symbol - Ra

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