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Angels and Demons   The First Symbologist Novel

In his novel, Angels and Demons, Dan Brown shows much evidence of external inspiration. The concept of the book is very neat and the settings around Rome fit together so well. The plot moves cleverly from the home of the Harvard symbologist – what a terrible Americanism that is! – to CERN, to Rome, and thence on a finely woven trail from St. Peter’s back to St. Peter’s…..

Robert Langdon finds a crucial key in the Vatican library, a hypothetical work by Galileo which Brown calls Diagramma della Verità – Diagram of Truth. It involves the meaning of a code, DIII, which can be seen as Roman numerals for 503, or Galileo’s third work, D3 – DIII. DI was Dialogue Between the Two World Systems which he really did write in 1632, and DII which Langdon explains was a little-known Discorsi on planets and tides. The only extant copy of DIII is said to survive in the Vatican Library. And in due course, the heroes find it as a pouch of papyrus sheets. Amongst the leaves is one annotated sheet with the clue written in the margin on all four sides of the printed text.

Again, there is another astonishing link here. Jenny and I were brought together only by papyrus sheets.

One day in Bournemouth, a friend came across an advertisement for Jenny's business, Nile Egyptian Papyrus in a magazine called Prediction.  It was significant in also being a special Silver Jubilee anniversary issue of that magazine. We had visited Bournemouth primarily to go to the Russell Coates Art Gallery to see a large Victorian painting linking Egypt and Christianity.  It was  Edwin Long's The Two Holy Mothers.  And iy was through that advert that I came to meet Jenny on 18th February, 1986.

Is it really just chance that prophecy and prediction have been such important elements in our work for most of the  two decades since we met?  Or is it what some call destiny, others the Hand of God?  Either description is indicative of overall design.  It is certainly not chance. 
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In the Vatican Library, Vittoria and Langdon talk of the Lingua Pura. Is this mathematics, the language common to so much of science, from astronomy to engineering? Or is it English, they wonder when they find the English rhyme ascribed to Milton written around the borders of Gallileo's manuscript.  Milton’s Paradise Lost was illustrated, inter alia, by John Martin and both men were certainly inspired by God. What is more, English is very much the language of the modern hieroglyphics, the Lingua Pura of today, the signs through which God communicates His Truth. After all, English is the nearest thing there is to a world language, being a common language for international conferences as well as the universal language of aviation.  It is neither chance nor fraud that  Mary Magdalen and Ankhsoun-pa-Aten have been sent to tell their stories in English.  Is it perhaps a genuine example of angels being sent to speak in tongues.  Or is it the case that English is a language their spirits have learned. For a discourse into why this may be the case, see the individual books,  Mary Daughter of Elohim and Ankhsoun, Daughter of Ra .

So often the homophones in the symbolism and the Alpha and Omega Codes only make sense in English. They are not capable of translation. The power of the hymns is in the English words.  As we were shown so strongly in our Te Deum experience on 10-11-02, there is so much ‘lost in translation’. Incidentally, note 10-11 for its significance in Fragments of an Outer Mind.

And so in the novel Angels and Demons the cryptic verse from Diagramma della Verità leads the pair on their hectic tour of Rome. There is a close parallel to their tour of Rome in the Alpha and Omega Codes. Deo volente, this will be put up as angelsordemons, another subdomain on Lux Aeterna Publishing.  I published on 1st March 2005. That site compares the parallels between The Da Vinci Code and the Alpha and Omega Codes. The idea came to me to compare the two Codes on an obelisk. I had a vision early in February 2005. The details of all this powerful evidence for destiny will be found in our book Angels or Demons, with much more about psychic communication.

I did not begin to read Angels and Demons until 13th March 2005. Even then, I only started to read it because I woke early and could not get back to sleep. I suddenly got an image of the book and where I would find my copy in Hut 3. In time, I discovered that the cross-connecting thread which Vittoria and Langdon follow across the Eternal City is in large measure defined by obelisks. And I had already used an obelisk as the symbol for the Sentinel of Eternity with this link to the real City of God. HYMN – City of God – A brief mention re Akhetaten and link to A’s book.

Dan Brown’s inspired clue, DIII, is tied to another example of his unrealised, and most certainly unacknowledged, external guidance. For he uses the further example of DCII to convey the idea of codes and their meanings. Langdon sees DCII, the name on a boat at a friend’s wedding, as 602. “So what’s with 602?” asks Langdon of a friend – blank look from friend re reference to Roman numerals. “No – Dick & Connie II.” “What happened to Dick & Connie I? “Sank yesterday,” was the reply….. The date of the revelation to Langdon in the book is 16th August. But 16th August is day 228 of the year, except in a leap year, when it is day 229. In the Alpha and Omega Codes, 228 means Revelation and 229 is the Code for the End of the World. In fact, the exact words on page 228 (NB) of Angels and Demons are ‘For an instant Langdon relived his moment of unexpected revelation : August 16.’

That second level of coincidence, though, is only to be found in the British Empire edition of Angels and Demons. This is the one published by Corgi in Britain, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand in 2001.

Once again, there is an inspirational link to 2001. I suddenly realised the significance of this other 2001 link as I edited this. Its importance will be obvious re 9-11, but much more so from reading our book Fragments of an Outer Mind Vol 1 The Diagrams of Truth. The time when I made this link was 11.11 am on Advent Sunday.  Fragments explains the progression 9-11, 10-11, 11-11. ]

But the coincidence of the page numbers is not to be found in the US edition published by Pocket Books in 2000. And there is another link in the Empire edition. Its ISBN is 0-552-15073-8. Set within that sequence are the A & Ω Codes for both the World’s End ( Code 507 See Koestler and World's End and prophecy Code 738 which links to Nostradamus).

In the American edition, the ISBN, like the typesetting, is unremarkable – 0-671-02736-0. The one significant coincidence is to be found on page 557 of the Pocket Books edition. Chapter 136 begins on page 557. It was the car with the registration E136TON that first displayed Code 557 on 2nd December 1988, to form The First Jigsaw for the first Diagram of Truth. It is appropriate that this is the one coincidence pagination I have noted in the American edition as it was very much a disaster ‘made in America’ – like the Twin Towers, to which it was so intimately linked.

This revelation concerning DCII and 16th August, day 228 of a ‘normal’ year, is to be found on page 228 of the British Empire edition. In the US edition, it is on page 199, but I discovered this only by ‘chance’. Jenny, a New Zealander, had asked her sister, now a naturalised American, for a copy of the hardback American edition of The Da Vinci Code. But Judi had the same approach to our work as my sister, Valerie, when I asked the same of her – a copy of the original hardback from Britain. ‘A book’s a book. The words are the same. What do you need another copy for? Can’t you get them in NZ? So my sister sent instead the hardback, illustrated Collector’s Edition of The Da Vinci Code and Judi gave Jenny the American paperback Angels and Demons which had been hanging around their house for a long while. Jenny was given this book by Judi at Waihi Beach, at an NZ seaside cottage with strange connections to Oxford, my scientific research into religious experience, as well as my brief lecturing career at the University of Auckland in 1999.

I only found the ‘inspiration' of the Empire edition typesetter ‘by chance’ when I picked up the US edition instead of the Empire edition one afternoon, to check a reference. I realised that the page numbers were ‘wrong’. At that moment, the confirmation of my conclusions came in the rays of the setting sun, turned into a rainbow by the crystal sphere in our window.

But DCII has another link. Dick and Connie refers to the two pillars who prop up what passes now for a US President – Dick and Connie - Cheney and Rice….. And remember Dick & Connie I sank. Now, could that be Dan Brown being caused to make a prophetic metaphor about the American triumph of Iraq, then seven years into the future? Remember the message, the warning from Columbia to Columbia, the omen of destruction, the sign of the fire in the sky? From one ‘District of Columbia’ to another DCI to DCII…..?

The light shone in the darkness
The light was the light of men 
 (their works)
But the darkness comprehended it not    (their leader and the Pillars of Wisdom)

Was it chance, or was it precise design, highly intelligent design, that caused Washington and DC to be key parts of the coincidences that led me into psychical research in the first place, in 1984? I was Area Manager for Northumbrian Water, based at Washington Sewage Works in County Durham, when it all began. My psychical research career was set in train by the manner of my discovery of my wife’s unfaithfulness, her affair with a man whose initials were DC.

So, is it just chance, the straw for the drowning rationalists to clutch? After all, it is all they have. But there is, too, their stock-in-trades of fraud and illusion. Or are the ‘coincidences’ evidence of the interconnected elements of God’s Interactive Tapestry?  Is it all evidence of Design, design which we have been led to discover, to elucidate for the enlightenment of men, in these Last Days?  Dan Brown has Langdon following the signs for the four elements over 24 hours, criss-crossing Rome. We have followed the signs for all the elements for twenty-two years, criss-crossing the entire globe.

Dan Brown was inspired in so many ways when he wrote that first Harvard ‘symbologist’ novel. It centred on the work of a scientist, a physicist, trying to prove the existence of God through anti-matter. But matter has two opposites – anti-matter in this world of space and time, spirit in another dimension.

I am a scientist, a chemical physicist, who has been led to prove the existence of God through that second opposite of matter – the spirit and its survival of bodily death, as well as through the phenomena of meaningful coincidence, indirect inspiration and the direct Voice.

So Dan Brown’s inspiration, when allied to the choices made by the compositor for the British Empire edition, leads to some very meaningful coincidences…. Remember, he wrote this book around 1998-1999, when George W. Bush was just the bloodthirsty Governor of Texas, happy to play God and Executioner for the ‘wrong-doers’ on ‘death row’ in Texas prisons – guilty or not.

But wait! There’s more, as they say in the hideous infomercials. In the acknowledgements page of Angels and Demons, Dan Brown thanked……….for arranging his audience with the Pope. I wonder if that is when his gift of second sight appeared in connection with the man he met, for he chose the month of the death of the pope in the novel with uncanny prescience, in respect of Pope John Paul II.

In Angels and Demons, Brown set the story around the death and election of a Pope one April. Six years later, that is exactly when it happened. ‘One in twelve chance,’ will whine the skeptics. Yes – but he got it right….! April was to be the time of the next Conclave, April 2005, just weeks after I had been caused to read Angels and Demons. And in those intervening weeks, as I read the novel, came dramatic personal End Times experiences for me, with very powerful links to Rome.

But that was just the start of all the links, connecting back and forth between Rome and the line of kings which really matters, not the spoof one Brown fabricated in The Da Vinci Code, stretching back to Jesus and Mary. The Alpha and Omega Codes involves the line of kings which eventually ended with the British Empire…..

So many meaningful coincidences weave across space and time, linking to prophecy past and present. Those stories are in our other books – The Quest for Diana, Land of My Father, Belshazzar’s Feast.

So, Diagram of Truth, DIII, is an excellent example of Dan Brown’s inspiration. In our book, Fragments of an Outer Mind, more Diagrams of Truth are given. Links to a few, low-resolution images are given below, together with a couple of legible, high-resolution ones….

These are real Diagrams of Truth. Their strange connection, though, to Galileo is quite thought-provoking. These diagrams link the final frontier of space with the final frontier of death, the final frontiers of space and of time, from this dimension to another.

The Diagrams of Truth are here:

In Quires and Places where they Sing

Postscript: 9.17.07 - 1st December, 2006. Advent Sunday is but two days off. A tune for this page came to me just before I began to write this. I was wondering which page it could go with. Then I realised I needed a header page for The Diagrams of Truth. It was the classic Advent hymn, with one of the old tunes, based on the very old Gregorian chant. It begins most Advent Sunday services in Anglican churches, or at least it did before the devil’s music in its various forms took over so many of the churches. This hymn O Come, O Come, Emmanuel, is based on a 19th century translation, again by J M Neale,  of a 13th century work which in turn was based on the 9th century observances of the seven great Antiphons sung at evensong in Advent from 16th December until Christmas Eve.  The version sung today was re-translated by T A Lacey and appeared for the first time in the English Hymnal in 1906

We sang this hymn during our choral period with the South Auckland Choral Society in autumn (NZ spring) 2002. It was my experience singing this hymn that led to my seeking a singing teacher.  That in turn led to my Head Voice Experiences, as re-counted in our book The Alpha and Omega Codes.  It was truly a time of revelation, especially in our singing of two different Te Deums, and  in a service of Nine Lessons and Carols and in other carol services. We saw Christians close up and at first hand. Their actions, their dealings with others, their general modus operandi, do not accord  with their supposed belief system, be they Methodists, Anglicans, or Catholics. [ But see Final Footnote]

But all is well. As Voltaire’s Dr. Pangloss assured us in Candide, we live in the best of all possible worlds. Whatever actions they take, what is there for them to fear, for Jesus has died for their sins…… But what if he didn’t? What if it is just another case of Dan Brown’ inspiration in The Da Vinci Code? What if that ‘promise’ is just another example of his inspired riddle – ‘So Dark the Con of Man’?

There will be much more in our book Angels or Demons.   For instance, powerful proof of my theories came on 6th June 2006 when I went ‘back to my past’ to get photographs to illustrate our website But that is still a ‘work in progress’. Too much to do…….too little time!

Now the voice of God, the organ, is not to be heard in many churches. ‘Music groups’ have replaced choirs. To get the youth of today into church, the churches have to become quasi-night clubs. Why bother? So Dark the Con of Man. Why should the churches change to suit the youth of today? What is so special about them other than their unique selfishness and their commercial purchasing powers? The Church should not be moving with the times. The Church should be a symbol of the unchangingness of God in the shifting sands of human fashion, man’s transient frivolity, his passing whims and fancies.

The Book of Common Prayer was good enough for the better half of half a millennium, an excellent example of God’s inspiration. What has replaced it is so appropriate for a Church which has totally lost that inspiration, indeed totally lost its way. 9.49.  ( Note Tangiwae link 29th October, 2012 1114pm)

[ Final Footnote: But a day or two later I realised that I had to use hymn number 503 from Songs of Praise for this page.  After all what line could be more appropriate than  He treasures up his bright designs.....   Yes it is all confirmation that God Moves in a Mysterious way, His Wonders to Perform  

The advent hymn O Come, O Come, Emmanuel, is now used for the Site Map

These are references to our Voice of God website which looks more generally at prophetic codes connecting major disasters See The Four Jigsaws   and  prophetic inspiration in the novels of Arthur C Clarke which proves that 9/11 was The Hammer of God for America.  It sets each page to a hymn tune emphasising the inspiration to be found in many Christian hymns and considers something entirely missing from Dan Brown's novels , the reality of the survival of the soul beyond death.

In the meantime, for another thought-provoking example of Dan Brown’s inspiration and destiny, see At Rosslyn Chapel - If you are Worth It.


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