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I can see that I have been led along what could be considered a Path of Illumination during the past 30 years.  It is only in the past few weeks that that piece of symbolism came to me as I totally remodelled my garden courtyard as the ideas came to me. I give below some of my conclusions about the existence of God.  Brown distinguishes between the way of religion and the way of science.  I have been led to use science to prove that God does exist... but also that ALL the established religions are wrong to varying degrees (13/2/15 17:39)

The article below was written on 2nd January 2005 just after the great Boxing Day tidal wave had carried 229,000 people to their deaths. The earlier part talks about evidence for the existence of God and in particular His inspiration to men and women through the ages.  The later part illustrates how the ideas came to both Jenny and to me, communication from a real Source of Intelligence that lies beyond Space and time yet orchestrates events within it , like for instance precisely timed earthquakes.

I originally published it on our Is God Real site (2007) under the title Does God Exist.  But it fits so much better here on the Da Vinci Code site, both for the timing and the context.  I have re-formatted it in recent days for easier comprehension.

1. Introduction
Does God exist? Many people, particularly in the West today, would claim that God has outlived His usefulness. Science can explain everything that matters. The rather less knowledgeable men who wrote the Bible and the Koran have now been superseded by men who are much wiser about the world around us. They know far more. But do they really know anything more about what really matters, who we are, why we are here, and what happens to us when we die?

It would be foolish to claim, as the fundamentalists do, that the Bible or the Koran are the very Word of God. The words in these books were written down by men at varying times, for varying purposes. With both the Koran and the New Testament, the written words date from many decades after the words were spoken by either Mohammed or Christ respectively. With the Old Testament, the earliest surviving texts date from centuries or even millennia after the events described.

The best that can be said about any of these books is that, in places, they show evidence of God’s inspiration. But there are also many contradictions to be found in the various works where the hand of man has clearly amended the original inspiration. But is God’s inspiration really limited to such a small number of works? Has not God in fact inspired other men across the millennia?

2. Akhenaten - Evidence of God's Inspiration 33 centuries ago?
There is evidence that the ‘heretic pharaoh’ Akhenaten was inspired by the self-same God 1300 years before Christ walked in Palestine. Was it the Voice of God which told him to build a city far to the north, away from the corruptions of the temples of Thebes, their false gods, its evil priests and a people who were in thrall to sacrifices? Why did Akhenaten have ideas so far outside his time?

The idea of One God who could not be represented by a statue was novel. The concept of monotheism, that there was only One God was not an idea which was current in his lifetime – so why should he have this idea? And why should he pursue it with sufficient conviction to oppose the greatest power in his kingdom – which was the priesthood? For the power of the priests rivalled or even exceeded that of Pharaoh. And was his inspiration the real basis of Judaic monotheism?

What was it that made him stand out from the long line of kings? What made him the one recognisable pharaoh in a line of clones? The pharaohs are represented by the scribes and artists in a remarkably monotonous form – an ideal of Egyptian manliness. There is a similarity of line and figure. He is represented in various forms, from realism to grotesque caricature.

Akhenaten breaks the mould. Why did he have such convictions? His religious revolution was short-lived. His new city did not survive his death. And the power of the priests was amply restored in the reign of Tutankhamun. As Akhenaten’s daughter said so poignantly, “The envoys came to ask for gold. He gave them God”. It was not what they wanted."  See our book, her autobiograhy,  Ankhsoun, Daughter of Ra

3. Christ - God's Inspiration 20 centuries ago?
Thirteen hundred years later, the man we know as Christ walked in Galilee. He too was a man who referred to God as ‘his Father’, a man who felt that God told him what he should do. The New Testament, the second part of the Bible, tells something of his life. But so much of what the Gospels tell of him owes more to myth or pure fiction than it does to fact. Ultimately, he too failed. He tried to be the Voice of God to an uncaring and unheeding world.

He tried to tell man what God wanted. God did not want sacrifices to the false gods of man’s invention. God wanted men to live in righteousness, to seek for truth and justice, to be hardworking and honest, to prefer good to evil. It doesn’t seem much to ask. Is that not how most people live? That is what the media pretend. These are supposedly the standards by which ‘free’ men live in a democratic society today – if you believe the advertising. But the reality of it was too much to expect in the past. For just as it is today, it was too often corrupt power that ruled the world, with injustice, indolence and deceit as bedfellows. The only difference today is that the corrupt men who rule now have a power which the men of old could not imagine. And the ways are repeated down and down the echelons of society. ‘Conform. Do as you are told or we will destroy you.’ That is the reality of the commercial world today. I have seen too much of it personally.

In the end, Christ failed totally. Instead of turning men towards God, they turned him into god, a false god. And the creation of that false god owes so much to the writings of St Paul.  Instead of abandoning sacrifices, the 'Early Christian Fathers'  made him into a sacrifice for their own salvation. Although Christ proclaimed one God, they created a religion in his name of three gods amalgamated into one. It is a far cry from what he really taught. But for a variety of reasons, Christianity has survived, with some of what Christ taught, along with much that he did not.

Like Akhenaten before him, Christ taught that the right way was the way of peace, not the way of the sword. Islam of course has always spread at the edge of the sword.  Now Christian priests give their blessings to tanks, missiles and bombers. They could hardly be said to be following in the footsteps of the one they claim as Master. But perhaps they are following in the footsteps of a different master, their real master.

4. How can I know for sure what really happened so long ago?
But, how I can say with such certainty what Akhenaten believed and what Christ really taught? There is a limited amount of historical data about Akhenaten, although much of it is misinterpreted by the experts to fit in with modern theories about the primitive religious beliefs of the ancient Egyptians. Historically speaking, there is almost nothing known about Christ. All we have are the conflicting accounts to be found in the New Testament and many more fanciful accounts in the Apocryphal New Testament and the other so-called Gnostic Gospels from Nag Hammadi. Then there are the almost certainly third hand accounts in the Koran.

I can speak as I do because we have been given an account of the real life of Christ by a principal eye witness – Mary Magdalen. Her story came to us directly. Her spirit linked into Jenny’s mind and spoke directly when Jenny was in a trance-like state. It was a gradual process. At first she would just sob and sob and sob, saying little but “I knew they’d take him – I knew they’d take him”. Then gradually she began to say more. Over the weeks, a much fuller picture began to emerge of her life with Christ. It does not do a lot of credit to the disciples. It does even less to the Church.

Christ died because he dared to question the god of the priests of Israel. He died because he denied the validity of their sacrifices and therefore threatened the power of the priests and the wealth of the temple. Mary’s was the first full story that was ever given to us. It began in April 1986. The Chernobyl disaster occurred exactly three weeks after the spirit of Mary Magdalen first started speaking to me through Jenny in a trance. Strange! Chernobyl is said to mean Wormwood. Revelation 8,11 gives this as a sign of the End Times -The star which poisons the waters is called Wormwood.  For more on Mary Magdalen see Mary, Daughter of Elohim( Now 8:11 refers to the loss of MH370 the final satellite handshake - and MH370 is a signal pointing to nuclear war- 4:27pm 22/2/15.  See The Mystery of MH370 on The Doomsday Enigmas site)

5 Ankhsoun's Story
Then, a couple of months later, the trance experience was repeated with another woman from antiquity. But this woman was from even further back in time – 1350 years further. She spoke of her faith. She spoke of the desert and the green. Almost from the start, I knew it was the daughter of Akhenaten because I had been led, through many strange connections, to links to Akhenaten in the months before I had met Jenny. Was it destiny that I was to meet her through an advertisement she placed in a magazine? It was Prediction magazine and Jenny’s advertisement was for Egyptian papyrus paintings? Did she have to be put in touch with me so that Ankhsoun could speak to me through her? Jenny had lived in Egypt for a while. Was this when Ankhsoun linked to her? There is no way of knowing.

When Ankhsoun spoke, the whole tone of the communication was different. Mary’s manner had a gentleness, but mostly an overriding sadness. Ankhsoun’s communication was quite different. She had much more of a range – from childlike, vibrant excitement to absolute terror as she described different aspects of her life. Mary’s life had been largely one of toil. Ankhsoun’s life initially was one of privilege. She was princess, Pharaoh and finally Queen. But her life was anything but easy and in the end she knew terror worse than anything Mary ever suffered. Sometimes, as she spoke, the emotion became too great and she lapsed into her native tongue. It seemed very much what might be expected of someone who had learnt English as a second language.

Ankhsoun spoke of her husband Tutankhamun, her father Akhenaten and her mother, Nefertiti. And what she said enabled me to understand much more the politics of the reign - the reign which, according to official records of Egyptian history, never was. For Akhenaten was eliminated from the King Lists compiled on the orders of Seti a hundred or so years later. So was Tutankhamun. The records were drawn up by priests, the sort of men who have been notable throughout history by their concern for their version of truth. Was it not the same mentality of man that forced Galileo to recant his erroneous theory that the earth was not the centre of the Universe, but merely a planet in orbit around the sun? But do not priests claim to connect men to God, the ultimate source of truth?

After Ankhsoun had given us her story, I did some research on that period of Egyptian history and I was able to produce a theory which fits with all the facts. Different Egyptologists each have elements that are correct but none of them puts all the correct bits together. But in a recent article that appeared in the NZ Herald Zahi Hawass, the Director of Antiquities and the most powerful man in Egyptian archaeology, was very critical of Akhenaten. He seems to share the opinions of the priests of Amun as well as an approach to the tomb of Tutankhanun, which mirrors that of Lord Carnarvon before him. He should beware.

6. Different faiths evolved over time
But Akhenaten and Christ are men are from long, long ago. Why do their true stories matter to the high tech world of rampant greed and mass consumerism today? Why should these two women be sent to tell us as the twentieth century was drawing to its close? The devotees of every religion will tell you that theirs is the only truth. The rest are all false. In Revelation 22,14, the compiler has taken great pains to say that nothing is to be added or taken away from the words in the book. These words have clearly been added by man, not God. I have often though that Revelation should end at 22.13 – I am Alpha and Omega – the Beginning and the End.

Moslems believe that Mohammed’s revelation was the final revelation from God. The later Bahais believe theirs was. But why should God be constrained by the preferences of any religion?  God has always communicated with men as and when He saw fit. It would appear that He rarely chose priests! It seems likely that Mohammed’s revelation came because Christians had gone so wrong with their Triune god and their doctrine of Salvation.  Islamic civilisations flourished during the Dark Ages in Europe. Perhaps, for a time, they were a people who were inspired by God. Look at any star atlas to see all the Arabic names. Was it because they too in time turned away from God that their civilisation began to fade?

In the Middle Ages, the most magnificent buildings on earth were built to the glory of God. For 500 years, the tallest building on earth was Lincoln Cathedral. Now man builds to the glory of mammon. On my brief visit to New York in 1985, I was struck by the location of St. Patrick’s Cathedral, dwarfed by skyscrapers….. That spoke volumes about the real nature of belief in that city. Space could not be wasted around the cathedral. Their true god was obvious for all to see. That nation seems to have missed one critical word off their banknotes. Surely the American dollar should say ‘In THIS god we trust’.

Man today mocks God. It is fashionable to be a rationalist, a sceptic. Religion is for the inadequates, those too feeble to survive on their own. And it is certainly true that religion does attract some of the feeble minded. The worst sects are some of the most prescriptive, such as the Mormons or the Jehovah’s Witnesses. ‘You will believe this, or else’ is the message, even if it is the velvet glove. For inside is the iron fist. They do find many converts among the poor who like some kind of fellowship, some kind of community inside the church and will believe what they are told without question. And whether it be the Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Mormons the churches of Polynesia or the largest and most powerful of all Christian sects the Catholics, no matter how poor the people are, they can still give to a rich church to make it yet richer. Why do so many of the churches behave as Robin Hood in reverse?

But the mainstream churches tend to be rather less prescriptive, and less strongly community based. Their members are more free to believe as they please, but even so it would still probably be unwise to say too much to the priest. Even there, the majority now go to church for social reasons. Few members of the congregation could answer detailed questions on what they really believe about the nature of Christ or God, still less about what they were supposed to believe.

When you look at the actions of so many of the clergy, is it any surprise that the Church is held in so much contempt because of the actions of so many priests? Can the Voice of God really be that of paedophiles or homosexuals? There is grave reason to doubt that. These men supposedly stand before us as representatives of God. Muslim terrorists kill in the name of God. American soldiers are told they are doing God’s will when they kill Muslim ‘terrorists’ who oppose their invasion. So what is the real Voice of God? How can we know?

7. The Real Voice of God
The real Voice of God can be found indirectly in inspiration, in man’s real achievements in the past – music, painting, literature, some scientific advances even, but not in the instruments of death and destruction. God’s Inspiration was once found in rulers and even politicians long ago, but sadly, that would seem to be no longer the case today. Decent honest men with integrity do not long survive in this world today. They bend to the will of the powerful or are broken. The evil in the world is just too great.

The Hand of God can also be seen in the myriad little coincidences which permeate our lives and should cause us to wonder. They are every bit as much the Hand of God as the Hand which the hymn writer tells us ‘Paints the wayside flower and lights the evening star……and gives our daily bread’ And part of that bread, our food for life, is in these strong coincidences, God’s real words – very precise evidence of His Hand in our lives.

The sad sceptics, with their empty, materialist world, would have you believe it is all chance because chance is the only god they will accept. Their belief system can cope with no other. The greatest intelligence that they can possibly comprehend is their own – a sad limitation.

8. Mankind's first  Successful SETI project
                                                               - There is something 'Out There'

But there is a far greater Intelligence – one that chooses to interact in the affairs of this planet, in the affairs of men……..Which brings us back to the lists of kings. It is only another coincidence, of course, an acronym. This acronym was brought to my attention in late July or early August 1990, just after our return from Egypt On that trip, I had noticed a series of pharaohs, all of whom had in common the hieroglyphs ‘Maat Ra’. There was Neb Maat Ra – Amunhotep III. There was User Maat Ra – Ramses II, Ka Maat Ra – Hatshepsu and Mun Maat Ra – Seti I.

I puzzled about why all these cartouches should be drawn to my attention around this common theme – Maat Ra means ‘Truth of Ra’. Akhenaten had been concerned with precisely that. He understood that long, long before him, men had been inspired by God. They had worshipped Ra, perhaps from the period when the pharaohs were first described as Sons of Ra, back in the 5th Dynasty, 13 dynasties before Akhenaten – 13 centuries, also by coincidence according to current chronology estimates.

In June 1991, we had visited the Temple of Abydos and I had stood and looked at the original King List for the first time, the first unambiguous example of the rewriting of history. It is probably the earliest record of an official lie. I had a row with a not very knowledgeable Egyptian guide who was explaining to tourists how they had missed out all the pharaohs of the late 18th Dynasty, including Horemheb who was the last pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty. He was explaining it to a Spanish tourist group in English. I turned round to correct him, pointing out that Horemheb’s cartouche was there. He assured me that it was not as he remembered that from guide school. I read the cartouche for him as he clearly could not read it for himself. Then one of the tour group members told me “It’s no use arguing with him. We don’t listen to him, anyway.” So I had good reason to remember the King List.

And it was a few weeks later, back in Epsom, Surrey when I was reading the Sunday Times one afternoon. I came across an article about NASA’s SETI Project. Suddenly it dawned on me that the acronym SETI – Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence – was also the name of the king who had ordered the King List at Abydos. Or perhaps the idea came from one of his advisers. Seti figures very prominently on it anyway.  And what my psychical research had already established was that there did indeed exist a Source of Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence. In effect, my work was the first successful SETI project ever. There is powerful evidence to be found in meaningful coincidence, vital evidence for the existence of an external, orchestrating Intelligence. NASA, in contrast, has found nothing but random noise, however many computers are included in the search.

9. Meaningful Coincidence - Learning to Understand
God's Modern Hieroglyphics - a  real 'Sacred language' for the 21st century

The meaningful coincidences exist at a subtle level. You can dismiss them as ‘chance’ - or see them as guidance – and, either way, act accordingly. If you see them as chance, you will not be pestered with them for long. If you see them as guidance, you will find the strength and frequency will multiply. There is an interactive component. Such a component has been noted by others before us. Arthur Koestler and Colin Wilson have both written about this effect, but neither studied it to the extent or with the same commitment that we have. And as it is interactive, the return is proportional to the investment.

Meaningful coincidence can be a guide in our lives. It is certainly evidence of a Power that knows the future, a far greater Mind than we can even begin to comprehend.

The first very specific example of detailed, prophetic intelligence involved the Lockerbie air disaster. For the first time, this particular incident also involved the concept of precise Codes.There had been elements of Code just prior to the Herald of Free Enterprise disaster of 1987, but that prophecy code for the Lockerbie disaster was orders of magnitude more advanced in its precision. The key code, presented to us as a car chassis number three weeks before the disaster, detailed which aircraft would crash, where it would crash, which airline, what time and why. And before the ‘rationalists’ dismiss it as ‘chance’, to this list should be added the fact that I had specified the make of car, the model of car and even its engine size. It came with these numbers on it to a garage 15 miles from where we lived and 40 miles from Lockerbie. It came just nineteen days before Clipper Maid of the Seas kept its date with destiny in the Scottish hills, beside the little church at Tundergarth near Lockerbie.  See Lockerbie and 557  More details are given in Chapter 13 of The Alpha and Omega Codes . Our book The Jupiter Theme, most of which I wrote during June and July 1994, gives much more detail of our Lockerbie experiences putting them into a much broader picture of God's warnings to mankind with, for instance the collision of Shoemaker -Levy 9 with Jupiter in July 1994.

Spooky? Eerie? Astonishing? Uncanny? Just chance! These are the sorts of reactions we have had. Needless to say, the last one, of course, was a know-all psychologist.  They have answers for everything, nearly all of them wrong ones.

10. The End of the World
Lockerbie was certainly the most powerful of the early coincidences. But it was by no means the first. It was the first, highly specific series of coincidences linking to a particular, high-profile, world news event. The train of events in that period began a few weeks earlier when we saw the film The Seventh Sign. This is a fictional film about the End of the World, based on the Biblical Books of Joel and Revelation. In contrast to most of Hollywood’s output, it was quite inspired and, predictably, a flop – too intellectual for the masses, a hero who didn’t splat people with bombs or bullets, no witches or aliens, no sex to speak of either. No wonder it failed. But that film has echoed strangely throughout our research, finally washing up with the Sumatra tidal wave on Boxing Day 2005.

This brings me back to the strange connection in that name also. It is merely a play on words. Purists can dismiss it if they so please. And it relies on a word play in two languages. Remember the sequence of the pharaoh’s names - Ka Maat Ra, User Maat Ra, Neb Maat Ra and Mun Maat Ra? I think it was the morning of 27th December that I had written an alternative page for my Lux Aeterna website, entitled The Da Vinci Code, trying to clarify the connections between the fictional Da Vinci Code and our real Codes which, for the last nine months, I have termed the Alpha and Omega Codes.  For the previous couple of years I had called them the Enigma Codes and before that, the Destiny Codes.

But whatever the name, they are real, and they are not a creation of the mind of man, in contrast to The Da Vinci Codes. I can partially decipher them. But I did not create them. The Mind that created them is far, far greater than mine but that Mind has chosen me to be taught to understand them.

11. A Tale of Two Queens and an Obelisk
I had been writing about the curious parallels between the deaths of two queens – the one who had been queen and the one who should have been queen – and their common link to the monolith in Paris – the Sentinel of Eternity. Both queens were executed – both sacrificed to suit the powers-that-be, one for a false god, the other for a false house. They both knew too much for their own good and neither could be silenced – not in this world, at any rate. They could do too much harm to those in power. The people might listen and how dreadful it would be if the people were exposed to the truth.

The first queen was carried past the spot where the obelisk was to be erected less than a century later at the entrance to the Temple of Luxor. She was on her way to her death in a cruel sacrificial ritual in the Temple of Karnak.

The other queen stood in the Temple of Karnak, three and a half millennia later. This time, the photographers milled around. By coincidence,  she and I had both chosen to go to Egypt at exactly the same time, in May 1992. As she stood in the temple, I stood beside the Nile, and the signs told that death would come on swift wings for the Queen of Hearts. Five years later, she sped past the very same obelisk, now in Paris, minutes before the crash in which she died. (5.57.07 pm Times as I dictated this to Jenny)

By coincidence, on 13thAugust 1831 – 13.8.31 - the good ship Luxor arrived in Egypt to carry the obelisk to Paris, a gift to the people of France from the Sultan of Turkey. And it was on 8.31.97 that this woman, who should have been Queen of England, died. (5.58.32 pm) Is it destiny? She had Code 558 in her passport – and in July 1990, I had come to understand that 558 in the Codes was associated with ‘death’ and with ‘Egypt’. That was a Code we first understood on the very same visit that had drawn our attention to the Maat-Ra pharaohs. And it was the first and only time we managed to visit Akhenaten’s ‘City of God’ – his attempt to create a Promised Land in this world. (6.00.04 pm)

And at the very moment that our plane took off from Cairo’s Heliopolis airport, her husband, the Prince of Wales, was thrown to the ground, breaking his right arm in two places. He never did choose to understand that warning, despite our attempts to educate him in the language of God and coincidence. But what did he need to know of God? After all, he would be Supreme Governor of his own church, the Church of England. It was his destiny, was it not?

12. Obelisks in London and New York....{Go to New York !}
On 28th December 2004, I was writing about the obelisk which stands in the Place de la Concorde. I had to check whether these obelisks of Luxor Temple had stood there when Ankhsoun was taken to her death, because she was kept prisoner in the Temple of Luxor in a dungeon of a room for several months. The temples were added to progressively by different pharaohs. One pharaoh in particular, Ramses II, was more noted for appropriating earlier pharaohs’ monuments and claiming them as his own by adding his own inscriptions. Londoners can pop along the Embankment by Charing Cross Bridge and see a fine example of this. The central line of the obelisk carries the cartouches of Tutmose III, who predated Akhenaten as ‘Lord of the Two Lands’. And the outer columns sing the praises of Ramses II, a hundred years after Akhenaten. That obelisk also has a twin which stands in New York’s Central Park.

How can it possibly be just chance that led me to New York in December 1985? I had a very insistent ‘voice’ in my mind telling me I must go to New York. Perhaps, to some readers, that might be an everyday activity. Certainly air travel has mushroomed in the past two decades. But it was a new experience for me. I had flown only once in my life before then – from Newcastle to Manchester in an Avro 748 around 1979. Now I seemed to be being ‘told’ to fly to New York, a city where I knew no one, and to book nothing but the flight. I had little money, relatively speaking, and no job. I was living on the remains of my redundancy pay, having taken voluntary severance after twelve years’ work.

I had left one job, my main career in chemistry and sewage works management, moved to London for another general management job in a group of private London colleges, only to discover, quite brutally, that telling the truth was a real impediment to success in the world of private enterprise. Local government had been rather more tolerant of such behaviour. There competence had not been such a disadvantage. It was only a bar to promotion. The London job did not last even three months. But it did bring me significant connections, if not the connections that matter in the business world of market forces, for my psychical research progressed in earnest.

So I was somewhat more than apprehensive about going to New York. But I went. I trusted the Voice more than I feared the unknown. By chance, my eye fell upon the name of a hotel in the taxi driver’s guidebook. I told him to take me to the Hotel Wales. It turned out to be two blocks away from the Metropolitan Museum which was the main object of my visit, s I understood it. It was where I intended to go to see the Akhenaten collection. Central Park was quite beautiful the next morning. Overnight there had been a light covering of snow on the ground. It was the morning of 21st December 1985. I had to wait for the museum to open so I walked over to the obelisk.

Once again, I found the Americans had been more thorough, more competent than the British. Someone had bothered to translate the hieroglyphs so that the man-in-the-street could read the meaning of the symbols on the stones, if he cared to do so. Sadly, in Britain, nobody seemed to have cared. This impressed me particularly because, thirteen years earlier at the British Museum, after visiting the Tutankhamun exhibition, I had gone to the Thames Embankment to look at the obelisk there. I had remembered being intensely disappointed that there was nothing to help read the signs and tell me what the message of the obelisk really was. And again, even in that there is a strange coincidence of dates. It was 13th August 1972. Now I can read some of the hieroglyphs – but more importantly, I can read the signs relating to both this life and the next. Perhaps it was always my destiny. Perhaps I was always meant to be linked to Ancient Egypt, the nearest anyone can get to a Land of Eternity in this world.

13. The Future Must Already Be Precisely Known
But did the Voice that told me on 19th December 1985 to go to New York, the Source of Intelligence that thus caused me to stand in Central Park on 21st December 1985, not already know that on that precise day, three years hence, would come the Lockerbie air disaster? For, on that very day, the day Pan Am 103 fell to earth on its way to New York, we had just opened an exhibition of Egyptian paintings.  The exhibition was not exactly busy – Melrose station certainly wasn’t Waterloo Station! We sold only one painting the whole day. And we sold it at 12.21 pm. I discovered the entry and the time in my notebook much later. That picture was The Eye of Ra.

So, was the Voice that told me to go to New York in 1985 the same Source of Intelligence that could see so clearly through the mists of time, precisely three years hence, to the Scottish hillside 55˚7’N at 7.03 pm? Or is it all an incredible series of meaningless coincidences, just pure chance? And precisely how can ‘chance’ put a very specific thought into the mind?

14. In Luxor Temple
The obelisk which stands in the Place de la Concorde in Paris today has its twin, but not in London. It was all thanks to the generosity of Turks to whom the monuments meant nothing anyway. No – it still stands where its builders created it – in front of the pylon of the Temple of Luxor. The removal of the other obelisk from in front of the temple was as much cultural vandalism as the destruction of the Buddhas by the Taliban. Nowhere in Egypt today will you find two obelisks standing outside a temple pylon. It was the last remaining example.

The inscriptions on its face all echoed the virtues of Ramses II to the heavens – north, south, east and west, they all say the same – User Maat Ra, User Maat Ra, User Maat Ra, User Maat Ra. These monoliths were not usurped. They were actually Ramses II’s own obelisks in red granite, beautifully faced and beautifully inscribed by men who cared what they did – in contrast to too many modern men today, in the western world in particular. So, on 28th December 2004, I found the answer to my question. No – the obelisk was not standing when Ankhsoun was carried to her death. She was carried past the spot where Ramses was to put his pylon gateway and later his obelisks outside the main temple.

15. The Boxing Day Tidal Wave
It was probably the next day when I was trying to find out the exact epicentre of the Boxing Day earthquake which triggered the tidal wave in the Bay of Bengal that I discovered that its epicentre was off the coast of Sumatra. Suddenly I realised it was very much a part of the Alpha and Omega Codes.  A Greek symbol flashed into my mind – Σ – Sigma, the mathematical symbol meaning ‘sum’ – for Sum Maat Ra. Then I understood the rest – ‘the truth of Ra’ as the obelisk said. User Maat Ra – powerful truth of Ra. For that is the meaning of Ramses II’s cartouche. But even then, 1300 years before Christ, this powerful king was not sure he could trust the priests.

I suddenly understood this as I stood in front of the high altar in the great temple of Abu Simbel on 17th June 1990. See The Alpha and Omega Codes – Part III – The Temple and the Tomb.  It is the origin of Code 558.  What then changes over time ?  The answer is 'Precisely nothing'....... (No that is not quite true.  Man goes from being dumb to being ever dumber.......as his arrogance increases but his phones get ever smarter.  Who needs a mind when you have got a smart phone.   So the smartphone generation, the last of all, will be the dumbest generation that ever walked this earth. Controlled by a machine, their minds become ever duller...lack of use.11:46am 2-27-15)


The above reference, is explained in full in Enigmas of Space and Time, a 70 page booklet  I produced in 1991, which explains  about our experiences at the great temple of Abu Simbel. That booklet explains the derivation of the 557 Code, through 558 in Egypt and 559 with the Gulf War, as well as the San Francisco earthquake of 1989 and the inspired fictional film about the End Times, The Seventh Sign. Alternatively, more details particularly of later events can be found in The Alpha and Omega Codes.  This is a version I reprinted in 2003.


The last few days have brought very strong words from what I believe is the same Voice that told me to go to New York in 1985. It relates to the Sumatra tidal wave and the meaningful coincidences which preceded the earthquake itself. These bring us to The Da Vinci Code. The hero is a Symbologist – a truly dreadful word which seems to have become an accepted term. Symbolism is the concept I discuss – not Symbology. Symbols have meanings for me. And priests have used symbols for millennia, as have nobles, institutions, secret societies and royal houses, with their coats of arms. But The Da Vinci Code seems to have brought the ideas of codes and symbols to a much wider public, particularly with regard to religious ‘truths’. Perhaps that in itself is an indictment of priests. And so often it is symbols which lie at the heart of meaningful coincidence. Jung’s account of his synchronicities or Koestler’s accounts of meaningful coincidence can be read with benefit.

Meaningful coincidences revolve around symbols which relate to specific elements in the real world. On 26th and 27th December, there was a series of strange coincidences revolving around my scientific consulting work, in which I was paid to manage a waste water treatment plant in New Zealand, and also around my final typesetting of the words of Mary Magdalen for this book. On 27th December I was resetting the chapter headings to match the illuminated letters.  I had also been changing a few line breaks to set page sections. It had caused me to read Mary’s words again for the first time in ages. At some point, I became aware of Mary’s spirit linking into my mind. She was very angry, very angry at what the Church has done to the story of the man she loved. She warned again, very forcibly, of the Wrath of God to come.

It was not until the night of the 29th December (12-29-4) that Jenny got the idea to check what we were doing at the time the earthquake struck. She was staggered by what she found. She had had signs of an earthquake and my actions on the waste water treatment plant had caused a flooding. Later on, when I came to look back through the photographs for that day, I realised there had been a powerful symbol to convey the message ‘On the Beach’.

On the afternoon of 26th December (Remember, 2-26-4  226 the code for Ra)  just as I discovered the flooding on the treatment, the Voice had said to me “This is what I will do to man!” At that moment, the tidal wave of death was on its way out of a clear blue sea under a cloudless sky in the Bay of Bengal  (Bengal 5577- Heed or Perish in the Enigma Codes) . Does not 2 Peter 3,10 say The Day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night… It came almost silently, without any warning. And then the Voice continued “It has begun!”

16. Rendering the Truth
In our book The Alpha and Omega Codes there is an explanation of the rendering process and the waste water treatment plant – what has constituted most of my paid employment for the past eight years here in New Zealand. The reason I explain this is so the reader can understand the significance of the coincidences. They operate on two levels. One level is evidence of guidance and inspiration – I get ideas how to solve problems, how to treat a strong, difficult effluent to minimise the pollution effects on the river. I have to do this in an environment where, despite all the protestations to the contrary, nobody really cares much about effluent treatment. Years before, a factory manager said to me “I don’t know why you care about the treatment plant. Nobody else does.” It was a good example of the way New Zealand managers bolster staff morale – ‘Passionless People’ indeed! The regulatory authorities pay lip service.

All too often the staff they employ have inadequate knowledge. And they are more concerned with indigenous ‘cultural safety’ than with science or with placating public opinion. Factory owners everywhere do as little as they can get away with. Doubtless this is the same around the world. After all, it is the way of market forces. Things are tolerated in New Zealand which never would be by the River Authorities in England. Throughout the country, a sloppiness prevails in the ‘clean, green paradise’ of Aotearoa. Not for nothing is ‘She’ll be right’ the national watchword.  Everyone claims to care. It is the PC thing. Few do. $$$ are what really matter – and political correctness. New Zealand has adopted the gospel of market forces to a greater extent than any other country in the world, to the great detriment of its society as a whole. But, as St. John says By their deeds shall ye know them.

Is it just chance that I had managed to identify one particular process unit in the factory, one which had been badly run for years, as the main cause of the waste water treatment plant problems? I had asked for four flow meters to be put on but this request was turned down as too expensive. I regarded it as essential to minimise discharge to the waste water plant and maximise product recovery. Eventually two were installed but incorrectly sized and proved almost useless. I managed to find an alternative meter, through a series of chance conversations – a much cheaper meter of a different type which could cope with the particular hot effluent I needed to measure. When it came, I was very much struck by its name. Its brand type was Maddalena – a homophone for the Italian version of Magdalen. It says nothing on the meter, only on the instructions that came with it. The first time I ever that I read the meter after its installation, it read 22.9 m3. 229 is the key code number in The Seventh Sign, the fictional film about the End of the World.

Random chance, is it?  Or is it more evidence of the ‘Blind Watchmaker’? And is it also chance that a few weeks later, on the eve of the anniversary of the Lockerbie air disaster, 20th December 2004, the anniversary of my flying to New York, the Maddalena meter read 557 m3. Remember Lockerbie – 55o7’N? And then, a little later that evening, the meter, having run since mid morning, stopped. There was a problem with the production line. The meter had stopped at 557.7 m3. I photographed it. It was off for half an hour. Just after I had seen that reading, I went to read the spectrometer to get the results for my waste water analysis. The effluent was finally in compliance after over a year of poor results. A new factory had been built with insufficient thought being given to the effluent treatment. The modifications I had then designed had finally been implemented the very week before.   I had shown them to be necessary as a result of the new factory which had just been built.

So, my theories had been proved correct on the waste water treatment plant. And my theories on the nature and origin of coincidences were also proved correct. The meter stopped at 5577. That particular Code does not mean Lockerbie. It has two meanings. One is ‘Heed or Perish!’ – relating to the Jupiter Shoemaker-Levy-9 comet collisions of 1994. The other is ‘Bengal’  5577 - an Jubilee class built by the LMS Railway in England in 1934. 

 Of course, you could always be a ‘rationalist’ and ignore the evidence, because there is no explanation acceptable to your personal philosophy. Their logic appears to go something like this: “It must be chance because I have no other explanation. Anything else makes me uncomfortable. Let’s just mock it and then no one will dare believe it.” Or is it nearer to the truth to repeat the words of one Guardian journalist in the newspaper canteen a day or so before the first anniversary of the Lockerbie disaster in 1989 “If you are right, it scares the hell out of me!”? The picture is even bleaker today.

17. What will 2005 bring?
We’ll see who is right later this year. 2005 has opened with the aftermath of one of the worst disasters in recorded history. The death toll continues to climb. Hundreds of thousands of people are dead or missing. This morning’s paper rates it 8th out of the 20 worst disasters in the last 300 years. 2005 marks the 229th anniversary of the existence of the United States of America - a people who are technological giants but who appear to be led by moral dwarfs. It is a dangerous combination. However, they seem to prefer it that way. After all, did not the majority democratically re-elect President Bush because of his ‘principles’ – if that is not a contradiction in terms. Is it just coincidence that the following helpful statistics came up on the screen on the night of the American election? President Bush’s supporters had spent $229 million getting him re-elected – back in the driving seat for Armageddon – event code 229!  Where does code 229 come from?  See the  The Seventh Sign web page  .  There is more detail in The Alpha and Omega Codes.

Year 229 of American independence begins on 4th July 2005. The Lockerbie disaster was set in train by an event on 3rd July 1988, the eve of Year 212. And so many Codes revolve around 212. Year 229 will be a year of disaster for the power that considers itself to be the greatest force on earth, answerable to no one, able to lie, cheat and deceive at will and kill on a whim sorry- pre-emptive strikes for its own security.  Does this society really represent the peak of modern civilisation?

And the Voice also said: ‘Each disaster will be appropriate to the lifestyle.’ The signs of The Dorset Disaster to come have been repeated and repeated and repeated. An American nuclear power station will be destroyed. I do not know which, or when. It would be dangerous to know, given the stupidity and paranoia of secret service 'intelligence' agencies round the world. Just as, earlier, I was given the precise details of the Twin Towers disaster in the Codes – in 1991. I could not crack the code until after it happened. At the time, I worked on a USAFE airbase in England, disguised to fool the British as RAF Chicksands. It was a spy station, whose sole function was to identify all threats to the United States of America. The intelligence that came to me so precisely was ‘Lockerbie comes to America!’ By chance, it all revolved round the weekend of 9-11 to 9-14 1991 in US dating. [7] But the Sigint squadrons could not tune in to this ultimate Source of Intelligence. It was certainly not Humint either.

(On 28th July 2005, a strange coincidence as I was driving down the M6 in England reiterated one vital coincidence of that weekend back in September, 1992. It was further confirmation that it was not chance but intelligent design, a foreknowledge of the future. Neither was the date chance. 28th July  was the exact 60th anniversary of a B29 bomber flying into a New York skyscraper in 1945. The Day the Sky Fell is the title of a book on the accident.

(As Jenny was typing this, she commented that B29 is 2-29. As soon as she said this, I knew I had made a mistake when I wrote the original chapter. It was a Mitchell B25 that hit the Empire State Building. Two  B29s dropped the atom bombs, Enola Gay on Hiroshima on 6th August 1945 and the other on 9th August on Nagasaki. What a curious link to Code 229 and the End of the World it was though. I looked at my watch as I made a note in my notebook. It was 11.59 pm – one minute to midnight on 16th September 2005. The normal description of the Armageddon Clock is how close it is to midnight, although we have an alternative Armageddon Clock as well. Is it just chance, or is it not highly symbolic that 17th September in New Zealand is Judgement Day – the day of the General Election. The message is the same again and again and again.

Our alternative Armageddon Clock was our car mileometer.  On our old car a Subaru Leone estate car, it reached 229007km on the morning Bush invaded Iraq.  Our 2nd car a Subaru Legacy estate car reached 229000 on the Southern Motorway at exit 447 on 27th December 2008.  It really was all about Knowing and the Airbus CodesThat very night Israel began another totally disproportionate reprisal attack on Gaza.  See our book Balanced ObservationsMy trip into Auckland had been occasioned by the failure of the Holy Trinity cathedral organ on the night of the Nine Lessons and Carols service on Sunday, 21st December, the 20th Anniversary of the first precise prophecy coded disaster... Lockerbie.  But I was being shown what would be important after Jenny's death - the crash of Air France Flight 447 tied into the film Knowing.   It is not without significance that Subaru is Japanese for the Pleides or the Seven Sisters, an important symbol for heaven.  It is all connected in the Codes of Fate

For much more on Chicksands and how the proof came to me in September 2006, twenty one months AFTER I wrote this article, that 9/11 was the Hammer of God for America see our later Voice of God site. But Hurricane Katrina came first, just eight months later.( 5:37pm 2-27-15)

18. Justice and the Prince of Wales
The 9ll is past. 914 is yet to come. The only time element that the Codes give for the Dorset Disaster is that it will coincide with the final crisis for the Prince of Wales, perhaps on the death of his mother, the Queen. After all, does a man who has betrayed his wife and his God really deserve to succeed to the throne? This is a man who is now determined to marry the mistress who helped destroy his marriage. This was the mistress he never intended to forsake when, in his marriage vows to his wife, he promised before God to ‘forsake all others’?

 Was it just a coincidence that he made a mistake in that service? Or did God cause him to tell the truth? The vow he actually made, when he modified the Archbishop’s words from the Book of Common Prayer, was ‘And all THY worldly goods with thee I share’. Was that God causing him to speak the truth? He intended to put nothing into the marriage. What then would his vow be worth as a Coronation Oath? But then the coronation service would be so un-multicultural, would it not? Maybe he could get rid of any references to God to avoid offending the atheists, the sceptics and all the multitudes who behave as if there is no God – no one to whom they will one day be answerable.

Should such a man really be Supreme Governor of the Church of England. After all it is entirely because of his own behaviour that this is now a church in which he cannot himself marry? The Codes are so inter-connected. The Church of England was founded so that a king could divorce his wife and marry his mistress, a mistress who became Queen and then sacrifice.  There are very many other interconnections – very precise, very thought-provoking – evidence for Design in connection with the English royal line - and inspiration on an amazing scale. See The Sentinel of Eternity and Belshazzar’s Feast.

19 A powerful sign at King's College, Cambridge, October 2003
The kings of England figure prominently in The Alpha and Omega Codes. We have been aware in the past of the spirits of two of the former kings of England – Edward VIII and George VI. But, on Christmas Day, for the first time, we were aware of the spirit of another king, a much earlier king. For some reason, of late I have had many links to Cambridge. I had tended to associate this with the fact that the SPR (Society for Psychical Research) was founded by three Fellows of Trinity College. The links seemed to be particularly strong in the last few days leading up to Christmas 2004.

We have tended in the past few years to get up early on Christmas Day – four o’clock in the morning – to listen to Nine Lessons and Carols from King’s College, Cambridge.

On 5th October 2003, I had visited King’s College Chapel for an ordinary Evensong service, only it was not quite ordinary. It turned out to be the inauguration service for a new Provost – a New Zealander, and I have lived in New Zealand for the past 10 years.  Mind she didn't last long in the job.

I found some aspects of the service quite moving. The organ was wonderful, the choir was excellent, but the congregation was pathetic – a lot of tourists. The chapel was full – 200 people plus. Hardly any of them sang the hymns, in contrast to Worcester College chapel the night before when I had returned for a College Gaudy. At Worcester, there were fewer than 50 in the chapel, but they made more sound than 250 at King’s. The tourists just turned up for the spectacle. To me, Evensong is supposed to be a service to worship God – not a tourist spectacle. The people had no belief in God and either did not know or would not sing the hymns, in spite of having service sheets with the words. There was almost no one anywhere around me singing. The final hymn was so incredibly  appropriate

All my hope in God is founded
He doth still my trust renew
Me through change and chance He guideth
Only good and only true
God unknown
He alone
Calls my heart to be his own  [10]

[10] Note added 1st October, 2007.   I came to understand the deeper significance of the choice of that  hymn because of some words which came to Jenny in August, 2006.  It relates to the fall of the Twin Towers and the inspiration of Herbert Howells who wrote the tune.  See Why All My Hope On God Is Founded

 After the service, as I listened to the organ voluntary, my attention was drawn to an old oil painting brightly lit above the altar, Outside it was now dark. Inside the lighting level was fairly low. The chapel truly had a wonderful atmosphere. But it was not until the events of Christmas Day that I began to wonder whether that was because of its Founder. Did I feel something there because of him?

20. Christmas Day 2003
We got up, as usual, on Christmas morning 2004. I was puzzled because it was late when I awoke. We had missed the start of the service. The alarm had not gone off and it was ten past four. So often I seem to be woken at the right time, even without an alarm. I went down to my study chapel and put on the BBC World Service and was horrified to hear we were being inflicted with the history of Indian cricket. Then they told us the time in Islamabad. They were explaining how it is a religion in India. It is a pity the BBC does not see fit to transmit the remnants of real religion, rather than the false religion of sport which permeates so much of today’s society. But it is the new, commercial BBC World Lack of Service.

I was really angry. We had printed off the service sheets from the internet the night before. We always enjoy the choir singing because they sing so many of the carols we have sung in choirs, but they sing them so much better. We managed to connect up to listen to the service of Nine Lessons and Carols online on the internet in the computer room – with no atmosphere, through tiny computer speakers, with a connection that kept breaking because it is only ‘dial-up’. Thanks were due to the BBC for another wonderful experience, conveying British culture to the world! Or should that now be multi-culture? What a pity they do not take a leaf out of the American book in that respect. New Zealand television does little but bring American culture here in three and a half out of four channels. The disease of global ‘inclusivity’ has obviously finished the BBC. After all these links to Cambridge over the past few days, it seemed strange that we had not been able to listen to the service as we had in previous years.

21. The Spirit of King Henry VI
We went back to bed for a few hours after which I got up and had a bath. Then I became aware of someone linking into my mind. I called to Jenny and she came into the bathroom and wrote down the words that came to me. It gradually became clear it was the spirit of King Henry VI, founder of Eton and King’s College, Cambridge. He spoke at some length about his time and how he could compare the people today. He too spoke of the Prince of Wales. Later on, I tried to find out a bit more about Henry VI. It was a period of English history that I did not know much about. I knew quite a lot about the Tudors and subsequent monarchs, but little about the Wars of the Roses.

I read a summary of Henry VI.  Basically, he was ‘a failure as a king – too much interested in scholarship and religion, too honest for his own good and too trusting.’ That seems to me not an indictment of a king, but an indictment of man. It seemed significant that he should come and speak to us now. There have been various coincidences in the past few weeks which I could now understand in relation to him. There is also something that happened to me in 1962 which links both to him and to inspiration.

( I had seen all of Collet's  Great Western King Class locos bar two.  They came into Birmingham Snow Hill on successive trains from Paddington on day c April or May 1962.  The first was 6019, King Henry V, the victor of Agincourt. Then next came the one named after his son, 6018, King Henry VI.  It was my 'last KIng'.   Now I had seen them all.  And 'by chance' King Henry VI was the very last one kept in service to run a 'farewell special' late in 1962.  I was reminded of this just a few months ago, when I came across an article in a recent railway magazine written by the fireman who was on the footplate for that King's last trip to Swindon for scrap. 

He recounted how he usually took his camera to work, but for days they had been on new  Western D1000 diesel training runs.  So he didn't bother to take his camera that morning.  The foreman called him and his driver in to the office when they signed on.  "Different job for you today.  Take the king to Swindon for scrap....."  The fireman was furious with himself at that lost opportunity... no camera and a once in a lifetime chance......As a photographer of 50 years I could understand exactly how he felt.  As I write this, I recall a related  my own 'missed opportunity' at Birmingham New Street in 1983.  I had been on visits to sewage works with my boss, the Divisional Manager.  A sales rep had taken us round various works  finally depositing us at New Street for a train back to Newcastle. Not long after he had gone, I realised I had left my camera in his car.  There were no mobiles then.   It didn't make much odds though, as there was little to photograph on Britain's railways by 1983.  Our train  seemed  very late.  It finally arrived  with an 08 diesel shunter hauling a failed class 47 on our train.  Bloody hell, I said... a very rare photo -opportunity ...missed.  ( After correcting a few typos i glanced at the time 4;49pm, my wife Jenny's destiny and death number.  Today is 27th February 2015,  2-27-15 Code 227 is God's Covenant. The Date Time box comes up at 4:49:30pm.  Too late for man re 4492 for Jenny and Ankhsoun,   Funny given the next paragraph.  They passed the Judgement .........as did King Henry VI).  Everything I do seems to be precisely timed...The ideas come and then the coincidences follow.

22. Heaven Hell and the Last Judgement
The Alpha and Omega Codes warn that there is a heaven and there is a hell. The people whose spirits link to us have clearly passed the Judgement. We hear nothing from those who have not. Many will give you comforting, channelled stories from entities who claim to be all sorts of people from pre-history, from mythology, even from other worlds, star systems, or other ‘dimensions’. But where is the evidence for truth in anything of what they say? For unless such voices can be externally authenticated through real people, from obscure books, for instance, or from cross-connecting, near contemporaneous, meaningful coincidences in the real world of space and time, they should not be trusted to be what they claim to be.

23. Hearing Voices - Alternative Gospels
I have no doubt that Neale Donald Walsh has conversations with an entity that claims to be God. I am equally sure that it is not God. Its philosophy is totally alien to anything that comes to us. Yes, it makes the rich feel good. The gospel of ‘Abundance’ is the new sanitised name for the Gospel of Greed. He has a great following in the ‘land of the free and the home of the brave’. I am sure God is concerned with how you can get rich. That has always been such a strong tenet of religious belief if your religion is Mammon. It does not figure very prominently though in either the Bible or the Koran. ‘You are not rich because you have not wanted it enough!!‘ That was the explanation of the entity to Walsh. Would that be another way of saying ‘Greed is good and more greed is even better’? What about increasing your desire for abundance? It is the doctrine of the Gospel of Greed promoted to such effect by Margaret Thatcher, one powerful reason why Britain is now the terrible country it is today The problem with the world today is that too many people want it too much and they are not too particular how they get it.

More honest religions have seen wealth not as something to be sought but as a trap for the unwary or the greedy – very much a two edged sword.  Whether his voice is true - or whether my Voice is true – will have to be weighed up by those who read our respective books. The evidence for the truth of my Voice is to be found in the manifold interconnections which weave through space and time, linking Akhenaten and Christ, Ankhsoun and Mary Magdalen to the many significant events of the last two decades and ultimately in the not too distant future to the End of the World, an event which is now in its initial phase.

24 The Enigma Codes - an Intelligence Test for Man... Most Fail
The Source of Intelligence, which has for nearly two decades warned of the End of the World, gave precise details of the Lockerbie air disaster nineteen days before the plane hit the ground. It also indicated the Columbia shuttle disaster three months beforehand. And there were many very curious signs around these two disasters. Was the latter not indeed a warning in the skies of Texas for its former Governor? It disintegrated over a town called Palestine, with its Israeli astronaut – pure chance, of course!!

The signs and coincidences showed us on 16th/17th August 1997 that Princess Diana would be murdered around 1st September. People may say “Why did you do nothing about it?” What is the point? No one would take any notice anyway. We have lost count of the number of journalists we have attempted to interest in these matters. To a man, or occasional woman, they are all sceptics. But understanding the codes requires a rather longer attention span than the average journalist can manage.

One older journalist in Edinburgh way back in November, 1988 was different from the sheep. He did listen – maybe, in part, because he had once had a strange experience on a Boeing 747, shortly after they came into service. He said to me “If you’re writing, assume it’s for 10 year olds. You won’t be far off.” Perhaps that is what is wrong with journalists. They get so used to writing for 10 year olds that they read and think like 10 year olds too. “This is too difficult.” “It’s obviously nonsense because nobody ‘important’ is promoting it - presumably a TV newsreader or  ‘personality’, a pop singer, a super model or a footballer, or in NZ a rugby player,  would need to give their valuable nod of assent to it. Then it would be worth looking at.”

God’s Codes are too difficult for the average ten year old – so maybe most of mankind will never understand. But that will not stop the End Times from progressing to their inevitable conclusion. The priests prefer to ignore our evidence. After all, it kills their god, the one who died for them. The scientists ridicule it because ‘there is no God’. But they are not scientists anyway, because they do not want to know. For that is the meaning of the word scio – I know – the kernel of the words ‘science’ and ‘scientist’. They should seek to know – and to understand. But each has a narrow field of interest. Each can neatly separate his work from any religious belief he may individually have. For me, the two are inextricably entwined, inseparably and coherently inter-connected.

God does not overturn the Laws of Space and Time. There are no miracles other than the tiny miracles of coincidence. Water to wine is a cheap magician’s trick. Raising the dead is not in any man’s gift and, make no mistake, Christ was a man and not a god. Incidentally , in talking of raising the dead, there are two occurrences of the name Lazarus in the New Testament and the two stories are in fact rather contradictory. Is that not food for thought? It is man who needs miracles, not God, because the signs give the warnings. The words that come to us are totally uncompromising. It matters little to God whether you heed or perish. But it will matter rather a lot to you – or at any rate to your soul. God has finally lost patience with mankind.

But ‘heed or perish’ does not just relate to this world. For we must all surely die. It relates to what happens to your soul when you leave it. And The Alpha and Omega Codes have much to explain about that.

So, when you have finished reading The Da Vinci Code, ask yourself what it had to say about the Bay of Bengal tidal wave. What did it have to say about God’s Judgement? What did it have to say about heaven and hell and the survival of the spirit? What did it have to say about life after death? But if you are into rituals and you are quite happy with the hieros gamos, then obviously that is the book for you.

But if the soul is of any consequence, you would be well advised to look next at The Alpha and Omega Codes.   

And what does The Da Vinci Code have to say about the future, at all?  What about the Dorset Disaster? The time as I finish writing is 7.39.20, forty seconds to 7.40 pm. By chance, 740 just happens to be the Code for the Dorset Disaster!  -   Pool circulation system – overnight leak – time critical re England trip re book publishing – [Today 20th June 2005 – computer code error – here in page section setting – again] – Sentinel of Eternity – like with Jenny’s book last night – Radiation – Chemotherapy also – 55775 at 25588kW – Circulation pump total failure 22nd May – train of events JA – John Martin book – The Balance – The Last Judgement –It seems possible that the Dorset Disaster will come in Year 229 of America’s existence. See Part III - ?-A Question of Survival

2nd January 2005 


Inspiration of Dan Brown
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